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So I randomly remembered about this yesterday. When I first attempted this project, I could not figure out issues with my C sudoku generator. Armed with knowledge of C++ this time, I wrote a better(at least less convoluted) sudoku generator that appears to work correctly. In terms of speed, it is not very good - extremely easy through medium difficulty puzzles are generated rather fast, but hard takes a long time and the insane pack(added an extra difficulty cause why not?) took me about 20 minutes to generate. Right now difficulty is based purely on how many squares are not empty(extremely easy: 50-60, easy: 36-49, medium: 32-35, hard: 28-31, insane: 22-27); I took these from a source and might modify them, as the medium and hard ranges seem a little small. Here is a github link(btw was surprised to find I already made this repository) to the puzzle generator:

Therefore, since the TI NSpire is very slow, at least porting the generator I have now would not be great. I may get away with generating easy, medium, or perhaps even a single hard level(hard took a couple seconds on my computer to generate 81 levels, so *maybe* it could be used to generate 1 level in a few seconds on the TI NSpire).

Since this got me interested, I guess I will rewrite sudoku for the NSpire(gonna have to remember lua). I am not really an avid sudoku player though (I just wrote this for fun), so I will see how long this will take. For now, I guess if you want a mediocre sudoku player(which doesn't support basic features of sudoku such as different colors for starting numbers and inputted numbers), here is a link to a tns(how do you add attachments btw or is that no longer supported?):
I think all the main computers I ever used were x64. I mean, I only really started using computers 10 years ago when I was five, but that was in school with the weird penguin iceburg game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing. For computers I actually used, I originally used a first gen mobile i3(I don't remember the exact model). Then I got a desktop with a 8320, then a laptop with a 5500u, and now a laptop with a 6700hq. So yup, all x64(although I really hate intel's lack of progress in the mobile cpu industry[and well, their cpus as a whole. A 2500k is almost as good as a modern 7600k, with both overclocking to just under 5 ghz ish]. I really hope that the mobile ryzen launch in Q4 will shake things up[there were some nice testers of the 1700 who undervolted it at, I think, more than(or at least) 3 ghz and ran it at 50 watts. Just a little underclocking or the removal of two cores would solidly push it into laptop cpu territory]).
I use windows 10 and the UI is much neater, but I wish that microsoft would release dx 12 for windows 7 cause win 7 allows for much greater control over privacy features and the like. Also I hate all the random windows apps that are installed on my computer like "get office." Thanks microsoft.
A video of minecraft with a resource pack upscaled by waifu2x. The resource pack I used is faithful 32x, and I upscaled (only) blocks and items to 256x. I think the result looks pretty nice. Forgive the low fps; minecraft is being weird rn (Ex: when I take a screenshot, the res is 2304x1202, which is higher than my monitor. I have the res set to 1080p in optifine, so idk whats wrong.). Anyways, here is the video:
Waifu isn't that great for Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (never thought I would like this show, but it is AWESOME). Not that bad, either. The one thing I would say is that I screenshot netflix as I could not find any good online images, so the image quality on these was pretty bad to start off with.
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on March 27, 2017, 06:44:50 PM
What about the Color Speedrun demo posted on the previous page though? Does it require the oculus rift as well? Because I get the same error with it.
@DJ Omnimaga did you download the VrRun_Data folder and unzip it to the same location as the game? It should work. I run it fine without an oculus rift(just camera rotation doesn't work). Also if you want I could compile it to not support VR. Alright whatever I will edit it when I finish compiling non Vr version and some camera rotation.

EDIT: The same link as before should have a non vr version I slightly modified that allows you to move horizontally with your mouse. For some reason feels a bit funky if I add vertical movement as well(as I said, I am bad at unity rn but am going to start to learn).

Quote from: 123outerme on March 27, 2017, 06:45:09 PM
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on March 27, 2017, 06:33:28 PM
Yeah VR headsets are really expensive. I think the cheapest way to get VR is to get Google Cardboard or something, but then I dunno if it's true VR and about the compatibility.

Anyway I tried Color Speedrun semiprocoder and you should probably fix this error message:

QuoteThere should be 'ColorSpeedrun_Data'
folder next to the executable

It happens regardless of if the folder exists or not, on Windows 10
Cardboard is the cheapest VR solution, but also the least immersive. If you go back and grab the old ViewMaster toy and play with that, that's more or less how immersive it really is, of course with games instead of pictures. Anything greater than $15 (so basically every VR machine that isn't the Cardboard) will give you a much better experience. I played on my friend's Vive, and while I knew deep inside the world I saw was fake, in every other way I believed it was real. Even though the game was a buggy, crummy tech demo of a game poorly explained and poorly done. Even when I played the Sonic '06 of Steam's selection of VR games, I was still intensely immersed.

Sorry, just had to add my experiences.
I tried my friend's google cardboard once and I really didn't like it(this was before I tried the vive & now rift). I really don't think that any mobile VR solution could be that great, just due to the lack of sheer processing power(the minimum spec for the oculus rift is a 960 or 1050 ti, which is somewhat high end for laptops and desktops, much less phones).
Ok, I should have included the folder:

The executable only really runs with the oculus rift, as it uses the head tracking of the oculus rift and does not have any other camera rotation. I could add some, but tbh this demo really has nothing much. As I said, I spent like no time actually programming this and all my time just trying to make it work. The code to control the player in this game is 50(edit: 100) lines, and the code to control the player in the 2d somewhat release-able version is 400(edit: 500) lines.

In any case, as I state before, my goals are to VASTLY improve my unity knowledge and get an oculus rift of my own.
I mean, if they do that AND bring the price down to like sub $500, I would totally get that. I very much doubt they will do that though.

Also yeah, unity is pretty cool, but I am really inexperienced rn. I am slowly learning, but my knowledge was definitely not enough even for my simple hackathon idea. I might attend another hackathon soon cause this one was fun; by that time, I should have much better skills.
I mean, if I am planning to get a used $200 dk2(from like 2013) on ebay instead of a new $600 cv1, then I obviously am not getting a $3000 holo lens.

Furthermore, I am honestly not too hyped about the hololens. I used to be, but now I am not. #1 obviously $3000 is bad, but the main reason is that it does not take up all your vision, which makes it harder to play, say, immersive games. If you use the entire screen, then it would feel like a very large display rather than your entire vision.

Now the oculus rift I used in the event isn't perfect. You can see a small section through the nosepiece, and that is kind of annoying. However, when I tried an htc vive out in a microsoft store, it was MUCH better than the oculus rift. I remember that it was quite comfortable and took up all your vision, without any annoying areas that take away from immersion. Of course, dk2 is worse than either of these, but it is much cheaper.

Anyways this sums up my newest opions on the hololens:
So update again.
Just participated in a hackathon. Wanted to do something in virtual reality(borrowed a rift) and had absolutely no idea, so we just decided to make a 3d color speedrun: VrRun.
The problem was that we planned to have enemies and stuff, but there were SO many issues that we ran into. Basically spent 1 hr developing and the rest of the time showing our game to some people who never saw vr(VR is cool and I hope to get a used dk2 on ebay for my birthday soon) and just fixing all the crap or simply setting up.
Anyways, ended up with a very small and unfinished game that basically has no features, but whatever, here is the link if anyone here has a VR headset:
Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Re: CodeWalrus Ads
March 17, 2017, 01:30:42 AM
Super bowl commercials are WAY overrated due to their high cost. I watched a youtube video explaining the effectiveness of youtube ads vs superbowl ads from some random tech youtuber or something. Yeah not the greatest source but the youtuber made some really good points, such as the fact that youtube ads are targeted.
Well I created the "easy" difficulty levels and some settings and a menu and stuff. While it may be easy difficulty, the levels are still pretty challenging(especially on phones, even with the speed hindering). Anyways, attached is a sample level(hopefully a friend of mine is going to make my levels look nicer). Also here are links for current builds of color speedrun. I don't recommend you play anything other than easy difficulty levels as the other levels are not finished and really are just tests/placeholders. Since your highscore still gets saved, you will have a ridiculously high high score.
Ok so haven't worked on this project in a while(started doing math. Haven't done any math in a while, resulting in me not even getting AIME this year. I really need to do more math). Anyways, so today I worked on the game for while and ported it over to unity. That means I can compile it for any platform!

Thus I added some buttons for phone support. You also go at half speed and invincibility lasts twice as long(since you only go at half speed) in order to compensate for the harder controls on touchscreen. I am thinking of developing this some more and then posting it on the play store. Do you think I will be able to make enough sales of this game(with better levels)(at 99 cents a pop) to make up for the $25 fee to be allowed to publish apps on the appstore?

Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on February 26, 2017, 11:00:42 PM
Will there be levels where some colors alternate every two second?

Possibly, but no support for that right now. Could be cool to have some levels like that though, so I may very well implement that.

Quote from: kotu on February 23, 2017, 01:52:03 AM
On the contrary, I like the purity of the game as it is.

This looks really inspired!! Unique
Thanks so much for the support!

Quote from: p2 on February 22, 2017, 09:56:35 AM
that game looks terribly hard O.O I love it  :thumbsup: Really nice game idea!! :)

But could you maybe add a little bit of physics to it? So the white areas dont directly add speed, but rather acceleration? so you get faster and faster on white ground, and slow down until you reach regular speed again once you touch grey ground?
That sould make it easier for the player to react in time  :thumbsup:
(given you can't stop the ball from moving at all, only steer it)
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on February 23, 2017, 02:30:34 AM
Actually, I think adding physics such as acceleration would make it much harder, because the deceleration process will make it much more difficult to control the ball when you try to stop. :P
Yeah that is why I decided not to do that. I have played a somewhat similar game with acceleration, and the acceleration just makes it too difficult. The game is already really hard as it is, and I have only really made 3 non tutorial levels. The reason for that is whenever I step in to make a level or something, I just end up playing the game instead. Anyways, I am not very good at level design in any case.
Anyways, for the reason that level making is going really slowly as I want to flawless my game(I only just managed to BEAT the last level, much less flawless it), here is a dropbox link to download the early game. No readme yet or anything; I will eventually add that, just not yet:

And yes, the final level is a walrus(although badly modified, the basic shape is still decent).
Tech, Science, IT discussion & News / Re: Ryzen is out!
February 23, 2017, 03:08:41 AM
Ok, I have been saying that Ryzen is going to be big for a while. Maybe around September is when I started realizing that.
There are two impacts(well more, but these I think are the most worth mentioning) I think Ryzen will have:
1. Obviously much lower prices. Similar to the Bulldozer family type scheme, with many cores at a cheaper price, except with actually good IPC. This will force intel to lower prices(I mean they already introduced a hyperthreaded pentium, which basically renders all i3 cpus to be completely overpriced).
2. Increased adoption of DX12 and Vulkan, at least in games. Since a good 8 core cpu can be bought at $329(and a 6 core cpu going as low as $229), this will greatly increase the number of people with more cores. Since DX12 and Vulkan use more cores more effectively, this will lead to developers wanting to utilize the immense power of up to 8 cores. I can certainly say right now that cpus are the true bottleneck for most games. I have a laptop with a 6700hq and a 1060, and a game like overwatch runs at around 100 fps whether I run it at epic settings or at the lowest settings(not that it doesn't utilize multiple cores, but 8 cores would certainly be beneficial to many games).
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