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A futuristic Ys JRPG series clone inspired from Sega CD, Genesis and SNES material. Made with RPG Maker 2003.
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • February 28, 2017, 11:15:28 PM

Superstar Hero - a Ys-like JRPG set in the Quebec future of 9108

Introduction Superstar Hero is an sci-fi action-RPG set in a dystopian Quebec City of the far future. The game is heavily inspired from the early Ys series games and Mega Man, but it doesn't take itself seriously, with an usually over-the-top depiction of the 92th century and how Quebec has (d)evolved, where the goal of the game is to... as you guessed... save the world! It also contains some weird glitches that were left in and it is your job to take advantage of them to counter th...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • May 29, 2019, 07:22:35 PM

Superstar Hero soon on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux

I am happy to announce that Superstar Hero will be released on Steam on June 13th. Here is the store page: ; In addition to that, thanks to the EasyRPG Player, the Steam version of the game will be Mac and Linux compatible. It will be possible to play the game as standalone (without Steam), but it won't automatically update and setting that version up to run on Mac/Linux might be an hassle.
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • April 21, 2019, 06:52:04 PM

Superstar Hero now compatible with gamepads

After much wait, it is now possible to play Superstar Hero on a gamepad. Now if you press SHIFT on a keyboard or the Y button on an Xbox 360 controller, a cursor will cycle through your 6 item slots and pressing the attack button will use the item (or do nothing if the key item is selected), kinda like in Super Metroid when selecting missiles, etc.The original control scheme that uses the number keys will remain intact, so both can be used. Also, RPG Maker 2003 now supports the D-pad rather than...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • April 19, 2019, 07:16:53 PM

[FR] Superstar Hero, version Française

Je suis en train de traduire Superstar Hero, le jeu d'action-RPG dystopique, en Français.-Intro: Traduit à 100%-Magasins: 95% (manque traduction images)-Tutoriel: 100%-Hooleigan Village: 40% (NPC, image prologue à refaire)-Coffres au trésor: 85% (manque coffre du donjon secret)-Hooleigan Valley/Quebec Bridge: 0%-Sainte-Foy: 4%-Saint-Roch: 4%-Saint-Bottom: 6%-Harlaka: 33%-Ruines: 50%-Crystal Hill: 0%-Tibestia: 50%-Secret dungeon: 0%La prochaine version du jeu vous permettera de switcher de langag...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • April 16, 2019, 10:13:26 PM

Superstar Hero can now be played from start to finish!

; Version 0.12 has been released, which includes all dungeons. It's not final, though, as more content might be added or adjustments be done, but you can now play through the entire game. Hopefully Juju can update the arcade version to match the new version.
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • November 06, 2018, 05:54:05 AM

Superstar Hero graphics rework #RPGMaker2003 #NSFW 18+

Although a lot of graphics in my game have been updated in the last two months already, I am continuing the process of changing the overall look of the game to be more consistent with the general direction the game has gone and also to replace most remaining placeholder graphics. Here are screenshots of some of the recent changes:Blocked by a LEGO brick in one of the many new rooms, and new graphics: A scrolling background! (might be recolored, tho...)[im...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • October 09, 2018, 03:23:58 AM

Relics of the past - Did you know that Superstar Hero is almost one DECADE old?

It has been common for Omnimaga to share projects with other communities, such as MLC. This time it is happening again with my first action-RPG ever made using RPG Maker 2003: Super Star Hero.As some people might have noticed a week ago, I uploaded a song called "Superstar Hero" in the archives and that song was a drastic change in musical gen...
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • July 30, 2018, 02:25:53 PM

Pseudo 3D in RPG Maker 2003 (and other Superstar Hero experiments)

60 FPS 1 FPS That last one was overkill, thanks to the rotation effect and the fact it's basically 60 images rotating simultaneously at high zoom (I wanted to see how far the software could be pushed). xd Other than that I am just experimenting for possible Superstar Hero additions (maybe 3D Tunnel levels/missions in the game, like those robot fight bosses in Mystical Ninja for the Nintendo 64.
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • April 14, 2017, 05:50:47 AM

Superstar Hero unused content

Anyone remember this? This was made in early 2009 (notice the different music, CRT monitor and noisy PC lol) and obviously never made it to the final game, but it showcased one of RPG Maker 2003's capabilities: might also post unused game soundtrack in this thread later, if I end up not using certain tracks (I can think of two in particular)
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Unirse Started by u/Dream of Omnimaga • April 11, 2017, 05:57:19 AM

Superstar Hero video and screenshots thread (Spoiler alert!)

I'll add the older screenshots and videos in this thread in the future, but here is the latest video, which showcases what Quebec City looks like in the year 9108: 3:50 in the video, c goes down.
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