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The Mysterious Cities of Gold: The Curse of Amirax


By DJ Omnimaga

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Interesting that the mode 7 style intro runs smoother (aside from the music lag) on this version than the original, while the rest of the intro lags more on this version than the original. I notice that most of the lag happens when loading audio files, magic animations and such things, so I am curious if a modified version of the game where every animation/music is preloaded  would work :P

Also guys, be very careful: There is a bug in this version in the first forest: If you enter before talking to the right village people, you'll get stuck and have to press F12 to reload game from last save. That doesn't happen in the original (after the message saying you can't go there yet you can just walk out). Also, sometimes the wrong music plays such as in the first cavern area where the great condor falls.


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