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By DJ Omnimaga

Click here if you lost focus on the game
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aaand idk why but I can't get the focus for keyboard controls on the game... :/

Edit: forget it, I'm (sadly) using windows10:

--- Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on June 25, 2015, 06:09:17 am ---This game will probably not work on Windows 8 or higher. I believe this game doesn't have the font problem that the other game had, but I remember that some Windows XP and Vista users had troubles running it.

--- End quote ---

Most of the issues have been solved and should work on every operating system that supports a modern browser, thanks to the EasyRPG project. DJ's remarks on the original thread about getting the game running only refers to the .exe download. And, as usual, there's always this problem the iframe can't get control of the keyboard, so either you click like a madman on the iframe while it loads or you can click on the lost focus link I added and it should work.

The same remarks applies to the other RPG Maker 2003 games in the Arcade.

Wow, I didn't know EasyRPG supported web-based play O.O. Awesome addition juju, although it's a little weird to have a JRPG as part of an arcade, especially one that was never finished :P (there's nothing to do after the first mini-boss)

There are also some issues but I assume it's due to web conversion, emulation and my old PC:
-At the start of the game during the intro, there is a massive amount of lag when sound effects are playing
-Massive amount of lag (2 seconds) when certain events are loaded (eg the earthquake with the plateau that collapses at the end of the intro)
-Some animations are missing (earthquakes, the wave effect when the hero powers up)
-The font is different but at least it isn't screwed up like the PC version

Other than that, nice to see those old RM games playable online. :)

Yeah, EasyRPG is more or less beta-software and those issues are kind of expected from a 0.x software, but it still runs surprisingly good. I had the idea after you posted a video of the intro in your music threads, I was like, yeah I should try out this EasyRPG thing I found a while ago because why not, then I saw there was a web version, then I was like, why not? The installation is also real simple, dumping the game folder with the provided emscripten-compiled files, encode the wavs to ogg so it takes less space (didn't bothered with mp3s because they're already compressed), running some script so it's easier for the JS to detect the files, solve the damned iframe problem again and there you go, it's working almost flawlessly. Well, way better than nothing.


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