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Rubby Bird

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By gameblabla

How to play
Rub the bird by holding down the left mouse button and going up and down.

Full screen

Burst out laughing after I lost.
It's just so much of an original rip-off Flappy Bird.  :D

James Oldiges:
Will there be competitive high scores soon? :(

Maybe. I gave up at 00:01:11.


--- Quote from: James Oldiges on April 13, 2016, 09:08:14 am ---Will there be competitive high scores soon? :(

--- End quote ---
I think Juju plans to add highscores in the future. Right now, I don't know how they are stored, though. Everytime I load a game page, the previous score is still intact, so I assume it's cookie-based right now?


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