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Welcome to our CodeWalrus Arcade, featuring all your favourite games made by the community for calculators, playable straight from your web browser! Of course, you need a recent browser in order to play.

How to add games
This section is read-only, only staff should be able to add a thread, so if you made a good game just notify the admins or post in this thread and we'll gladly add it, if we're able to compile it for the web, or using an emulator we have that works in Javascript. Games using Javascript, SDL or KnightOS are known to work with the Arcade, although we won't host copyrighted ROMs at this time, so TI-BASIC/Axe/Asm/etc. games are pretty much no. If in doubt, feel free to ask.

How to play
Instructions should be given in each thread.

This section is very experimental, so a few bugs may appear here and there. Make sure you have the latest version of a recent browser before making a bug report.

Something I am curious about is if it would be feasible to track scores. That seems like something that would be hard.

Also it would be much better if some of the older calc games could be converted to HTML5 or something since right now we're pretty much gonna only have Nspire stuff. :P Supersonic Ball would be a nice game to add.

Make sure to not just mindlessly add anything, though. Check licenses first if you have to ask permission or not and stuff like that.

EDIT: Also controls for OMS don't work.

Yeah, I'd ask the author before adding anything. I'm currently investigating why OMS isn't working right, it's weird, it works perfectly not in iframe.

EDIT: Found a kind of workaround...

What is the workaround? Also I am curious about what the actual game file is like. :P

EDIT: Keys still don't react (in Opera)

Also, if you can easily alter games, then it would be nice to limit the frame rate to 30 or something.

Opossum is fun! I got a highscore of 1266 :) Awesome idea with the arcade!


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