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Hi everyone,

inspired by a post on reddit I finally got around to update gpSP-Nspire to be able to build with the newest Ndless SDK.
This has various advantages:

  • Supports HW-W without any noticable issues (hopefully)
  • No gpsp_resources required anymore, the launcher is now gpsp itself
  • Builds again, so bugs can be fixed now more easily (not by me though :P)
  • Built it with LTO enabled, so maybe a bit faster
No screenshot of any kind attached, as it would just look the exact same as the current version of gpSP-Nspire...

It requires a newer revision of ndless, which I haven't yet released formally, so that is also attached. Should work
fine on any OS version starting from 3.1.

Source code:

Have fun!
Crafti v1.2

(Original thread with old versions and history on omnimaga:

No major changes, just some bugfixes and improvements.
I haven't tested classic support extensively, so if you're relying on that you should keep your old version around.
On a HW-W calc this should improve usability significantly, so please upgrade!

Download on GitHub

Improvements in crafti:

  • Bugfix: Division by 0 when calculating collision while looking straight ahead
  • Zehn compression for faster startup and less space requirements

Improvements in nGL:

  • Several performance improvements
  • Uses lcd_blit, so works natively on HW-W
  • On PC, use SDL for graphics
  • Add tools for converting wavefront obj
  • Add VECTOR3 and nglDrawArray
  • Add two new lessons to the tutorial
You may have heard about it already, but if you haven't... this is the official first release of a new TI-Nspire emulator!
The core of it is based on Goplat's renowned "nspire_emu", but with quite some changes.
The name is subject to change. If you have an idea, please post it here!

Major changes:
  • Supported platforms: Linux, Mac OS X (10.7+), Windows, Android (ARM and x86), iOS (without JIT, except if running on a jailbroken device)
  • Flexible GUI with many user-friendly additions
  • Supports nspire-linux
Also, GDB support for debugging of ndless apps has been improved and nspire-linux boots successfully, like in the second screenshot.

So, if you want to debug your Ndless programs, test Lua scripts or just use the calculator, this is the right emulator for you.

Please note that like nspire_emu, you need to provide a Boot1 file, which you can obtain from your own device easily with PolyDumper. Of course you can still use the flash files from nspire_emu.

Prebuilt packages for Android (armv7), Linux/X11 (64-bit), Mac OS and Windows are on GitHub:

Running on Mac OS X, in English, custom dock arrangement

On Linux, in German

On Windows, in French

On Android

and a video:

On an iPhone, although not really useful right now, probably better on an iPad

Contributors to the project:

  • Fabian "Vogtinator" Vogt: UI design, work on emu core, German translation
  • Antonio Vazquez: code cleanups, linux support work, archlinux packaging
  • Adrien "Adriweb" Bertrand: mostly testing (especially Mac and iOS), French translation
  • Lionel Debroux: some x64-related cleanups
  • You? ;)
This post is also on tiplanet:
and omnimaga:
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