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Other / Tapatalk glitch
August 12, 2015, 02:43:32 AM
Well tapatalk glitched out now :P
Omni has been cloned :P

I decided to try to make snake for the V200. I don't have a computer with me so I can't give a link or video, but I will try to get both within the week.

I've made the snake move, but not die when it hits itself, and have a limited size (erase ends when too long).

And Internet connection at the conference center is amazingly horrible... I can barely load tapatalk
I've decided to make a version of Dodge for this contest.

I can't get a screenshot yet, but I've just managed to display 9 cubes of color for the background.
Gaming / Favorite Chess opening (if you play chess)
February 18, 2015, 02:46:05 AM
What's your favorite Chess opening and what side do you prefer playing it from?

I like the Sicilian Dragon but as White. But most people don't play by the book <_<

I sometimes play the King's Gambit because I'm an aggressive player.
I'm making a game called Dodge, a port/expansion of a 83+ game I made with my friend T.Wang.

[spoiler=Dodge 83+ links]
Cemetech (Very outdated because I'm banned and T.Wang is inactive) :

Current features (V2.0):
-Options: Choose your own character, line, and speed.
-High Scores: Top three scores are saved
  *Randomized speed
  *Player slows down over time

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