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Games / [TI-83+/84+] Darkblasters
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - September 15, 2021, 11:54:13 PM
20 years minus 7 days ago, I released my first ever TI-83 Plus RPG, Illusiat. Today, after over 16 years without releasing an original RPG for calculators, I am finally releasing a new one: Darkblasters!

Inspired by Lufia, Quest 64, Dragon Quest, Illusiat and Mana Force series, Darkblasters is a role-playing game meant to showcase pure TI-BASIC graphical capabilities while trying to keep speed as fast as possible. It features over 390 rooms to explore, NPC's, some items and magic spells, many monsters and sprite-based graphics. No ASM/Axe/Grammer lib were used, in order to ensure full compatibility with 15 MHz z80 calculator models that lacks official ASM support.

QuoteA long time ago, mankind became nearly extinct after the entire world population did the Tide Pod
eating challenge simultaneously. From the dead rose a new illness that transformed animals into
monsters and many humnan survivors into Darkblasters, evil mages that look like knights.

Today, the Darkblasters stole the three crystals protecting the Kingdom of Walritia. You must defeat
the mages before they take over the world.

Here are the download links:
CEmu, C SDK & Libraries (TI-84+CE) / Re: TI-Planet's "Project Build...
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - September 14, 2021, 03:32:58 PM
Time to move this sub-forum from the completed to the currently active status and location. Glad this is getting new updates. :)

Do you know if many people use it in the TI community, including internationally?
Darkblasters (TI-82A/83+/84+/T/SE) / Re: Darkblasters: A new graphi...
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - September 14, 2021, 12:00:39 AM
Boss fight!

Note that the stats are placeholders and I still need to fix the damn wall magic spell. It kept stopping working entirely for no reason over and over again so I gave up and altered it, but the battle system I am using makes it near impossible to keep it under control and from glitching out.
CEmu, C SDK & Libraries (TI-84+CE) / Re: TI-Planet's "Project Build...
Last post by Adriweb - September 13, 2021, 08:59:33 PM
Big update today!

I have added support to the Project Builder for gfx resources (png images for instance), with the convimg tool from the toolchain!

  • To add sprites / images to your project, just drag'n'drop them onto the editor (be careful, if there is one called "icon.png", it will become the icon of the project, though)
  • The convimg configuration file, gfx/convimg.yaml, is created automatically with a template content adjusted for your images (you have to edit it if you add more images later)
  • The dropdown menu at the top left of the code editor allows you to list the files and images found in your project, and to access the configuration file. From this menu, you can also preview your images, download them, and delete them.
  • The files generated by convimg cannot be modified (they are read-only in the editor) in order to avoid bad modifications by mistake.

Here's a video showing a real-world usage of the features:

Let me know if you see something wrong,

Enjoy :)

(crossposted from TI-Planet)


Previous update missing here:

[size=15]Jan 19th, 2020 updates![/size]
  • The PB has been improved to support the (LLVM-based) toolchain without any modification (that's good for me, as I just need to git pull and make install to keep up to date!)
  • Toolchain and LLVM updated to the latest version. This includes internal tools like fasmg (used as the assembler and linker), which jacobly greatly sped up thanks to a "CALM" instructions rewrite.
  • Building (without cleaning) doesn't remove the built 8xp first. As such, you can get the expected "make: Nothing to be done for 'all'." message if you try to build again if nothing changed.
  • Project icon + description support has been added. This means that inside Cesium, your programs can have those displayed!
You can add an icon to your project by drag'n'dropping your icon.png file on the editor (just like source files)
Tech, Science, IT discussion & News / Re: Infinity:Game Boy Color RP...
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - September 13, 2021, 09:26:13 AM

That project looked promising back then. I was sad when it died, but I was happy when I saw a Kickstarter reviving it. I wonder if it will pay hommage to Joltima? I remember the original ticalc.org article from 1999 called it Joltima 2 or something.
Tech, Science, IT discussion & News / Infinity:Game Boy Color RPG by...
Last post by TIfanx1999 - September 13, 2021, 03:35:59 AM
Some of you old timers will probably remember this project. Infinity was a Game Boy Color RPG that was created by former TI community members from around 1999-2001. The game never saw a realease as the Game Boy Advance was coming out soon. An incomplete build was released some years back. It appears that the project has been revived and is getting an official cartridge and digital release. Many of the original programmers have even been recruited to help finish it.:D Here's the kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/incube8games/infinity-a-game-boy-color-tactical-rpg-back-after-20-years If anyone can share at Omnimaga, and TI planet that'd be cool. I can't seem to get into my old Omnimaga account, atm, and I cant find or don't have one for TI Planet. Anyhow, I'm really happy this is finally getting a release. I've backed it and can't wait to see the final product. *edit* It ends really soon, so head over if you are interested in backing it!
Darkblasters (TI-82A/83+/84+/T/SE) / Re: Darkblasters: A new graphi...
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - September 11, 2021, 03:58:13 PM
-There are now two actual monsters
-You start with 500 HP instead of 300
-All battle commands and enemy moves are implemented, except one boss attack pattern.
-You can now activate switches to open new paths
-NPC's are implemented, including those who give items.
-You can grab items from the ground.
-Some random optimizations to save space or increase speed, because the game is over 11 KB now.

I made a Youtube video:
[Inactive] Omega (Numworks) / Re: Omega firmware development...
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - September 10, 2021, 11:50:11 AM
Good news: Parisse has made a fork of Omega so it will continue on. Hopefully one day an exploit can be found to install it on calcs that got the newest Epsilon firmware. https://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=25171&p=263564#p263563
Darkblasters (TI-82A/83+/84+/T/SE) / Darkblasters: A new graphical ...
Last post by DJ Omnimaga - September 07, 2021, 02:06:07 AM
So I wanted to have something Illusiat-related, since Illusiat 20th anniversary is on the horizon, but the Illusiat 1+2 remake or Illusiat 13 revival finally never happened. That said, I still got something somewhat similar, RPG-related: Darkblasters!

Back in late 2012, when the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition color screen z80 calculator got announced, I wanted to experiment with layered text sprites. Games like Serenity and Metroid Pi used this technique, although the latter did not use the shifted method. In the process, I wanted to attempt making an RPG like Illusiat 6/Nemesiat, but with larger maps while being (hopefully) smaller.

I eventually got the color calculator model before pushing this RPG engine further, so only the walking engine was done and in 2014 it was posted in Omnimaga downloads section. I have recently uploaded it to TI-Planet, Cemetech and Ticalc.org as well. (As it turn out, layered text sprites would not work on the CSE, making a direct port of this engine impossible. )


Almost 9 years later, it's being revived as Darkblasters! It features four dungeons, a town and a forest, all with over 390 rooms to explore, some magic spells and items, but no shop and in-game currency. There will be no experience points, so your max HP/MP will go up every battle, along with your skill points. Magic will get stronger the more you use it. You'll also not be able to enter buildings in the town, but you will be able to talk to NPC's.

My goals:
-Keep the game and its RAM usage as small as possible
-Hopefully keep it in one file, unlike my entire RPG calculatography.
-Make sure that the speed remains fast enough for 15 MHz calcs. 83+ will be playable, but not the most optimal experience.
-Keep compatibility with the TI-82 Advanced and TI-84 Plus-T models. (This is why the game remains in pure TI-BASIC)

So far, what is implemented are the 390 rooms, connection between each area, magic animations (although they're currently separate from the game), the intro text (same) and everything shown in the screenies above. The file size is 5753 bytes right now.

EDIT: Changed one of the screenshots to a newer one and added a 5th one. Old screenies will remain as links above.
[Inactive] Omega (Numworks) / Re: Omega firmware development...
Last post by novenary - September 02, 2021, 03:23:09 AM
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