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Author Topic: DJ Omnimaga's music (with new 2017 song releases :D)  (Read 13019 times)

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@aeTIos wanted me to re-upload some of the cassette recordings of my older songs (most were recomposed note by note from scratch, with the remaining cassette-only tracks being put on Illegal Music Chemistry). I don't have any copy around that is not remastered and I'm too lazy to re-record the cassettes again, but here are some of the remastered cassette rips to hear the difference :P

Other World: http://djomnimaga.codewalr.us/DJ%20Omnimaga%20-%20Other%20World%20(Cassette%20rip).mp3
Neo: http://djomnimaga.codewalr.us/DJ%20Omnimaga%20-%20Neo%20(Cassette%20rip).mp3
S.O.S Hardcore: http://djomnimaga.codewalr.us/DJ%20Omnimaga%20-%20SOS%20Hardcore%20(Cassette%20rip).mp3
Star Knight: http://djomnimaga.codewalr.us/DJ%20Omnimaga%20-%20Star%20Knight%20(Cassette%20rip).mp3

The following was never recomposed from scratch, but it's heavily based on Techno Strike, and was used as a cover of Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer, so it gives an idea of what Techno Strike sounded like on tape:

You'll notice that Other World has an extra wind sweep effect near the end. It was left out from the recomposed HQ version by accident. I actually prefer how the tape version sounds like because it sounds harder due to the low sound quality/eq-ing :P
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