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(Je me permets de poster ceci en Français vu que le public ciblé se doit d'être Français, et vu qu'il y en a ici... :) )

TI-Planet organise en ce moment (et jusqu'au 31 Mai 2015) un concours original (ce n'est pas de la programmation mais... du dessin!) vous permettant peut-être de gagner une des 10 TI-83 Premium CE mises en jeu ;)

Viendez participer :D

(et puis, je savais pas trop dans quelle catégorie mettre ce topic, alors voilà...)
Well, an update, at least, for bugfixes and such.
(Ans some of the things we reported during the betatesting phase, hopefully)
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on April 07, 2015, 05:03:16 AMIMHO, especially that one bug that can crash the calc.
It's been reported to TI and they confirmed it, so when the next OS version is out, I'm pretty sure it will be fixed. But I have no idea when a new OS release is going to happen.

Quote from: CKH4 on April 07, 2015, 03:35:19 AMMaybe the TI-82 Advance is targeting schools that used the TI-76.Fr?
It's not even the problem here. Because every student will need a exam-rules-compliant calculator by 2018, they will only have the choice between the TI-82 Advanced, TI-83 Premium CE, or TI-Nspire CX CAS. (And, well, whatever new model TI can release until 2018). So, the 73/76 etc. are just out of the market.
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on April 07, 2015, 02:51:53 AMThat said, if TI really has plans to remove the Asm() and Flash app functionalities in future TI-83PCE OS updates, then I think I'm gonna stick to the TI-84+CE
I don't see that happening, and I'd hate to be proven wrong.
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on April 06, 2015, 09:32:33 PMEDIT: Could it also be due to the 2018 exam changes in France? Maybe that's only gonna be a French thing? But then that could mean the TI-83 Premium CE will be locked down too if that's the case, unless the TI-82 Advanced hardware is just easier to hack and TI had no choice to remove ASM support altogether?
That's pretty much the assumption right now, and it makes perfect sense.

In France, people will have to buy new calculator now, because of the exams requiring the PTT mode with the LED. So, they want to spend as little as possible: The low-tier 82A will be perfect for 99% of students, because well, an overwhelming majority of student don't give a single d*mn about programmability (they don't know about it, and they simply don't care at all - this was already the case when I was in high school 7+ years ago, and it's only worse now, since smartphones are everyone's way to spend time). But for the few that will look at the store's other calcs for more than 30 seconds, and with something else than just the cost in mind, the 83PCE will clearly appear as way superior, and for less than 30euro more (assuming the 82A is at 60euro and the 83PCE a bit less than 90euro). So, the 83PCE is the middle tier. And the high-tier is the Nspire CX (CAS), which will probably still be priced at ≈ 120/130euro.
Interestingly enough, because of this new exam regulation in France, the 3 major calculator makers are in a harsh competition that can only be won by the one selling the regulation-allowed one at the lowest cost. TI will win if the 82A is priced at 60euro and the Casio ones a bit higher. HP having only the HP Prime, and costing much more, has no way of taking over the market. It'd be funny to have the Prime be sold at 59.99, though.
Quote from: Juju on April 01, 2015, 02:23:58 AMthe one true French dialect is spoken
Québecois ?
Ci on parlé tousse an trés bon francé come sa, sa seré encore mieut !!
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on March 31, 2015, 12:50:51 AMBtw, could you test the following code?

While 1

I am curious about how fast this refreshes compared to the CSE? That might give me an idea of what enhancements a CE version of First Fantasy could benefit from.

Each full "refresh" takes 0.7s on average, on my 84+CE.
Interesting benchmarks will be done whenever he has time to add the basic graphics stuff :)

(Well, I guess I should start benchmarking the algorithms now, at least it will be done :P)
Yep, not publicly available yet.
Hopefully pretty soon...
di and ei are still there, and running stuff without interrupts it a bit faster than with them.
But in this case, we want/need them anyway.
It runs (probably) a bit faster without interrupts, but then, you wouldn't be able to quit it with pressing a key (which is what's done right now).

Also, with USB plugged in, a full scroll takes ≈5.3s, compared to ≈4.1 seconds if it's not plugged in.
So, you guys may have missed that:

More tests, with tr1p1ea's program showing a full-screen image scrolling:

(it'd be nice to have a webm bbcode :D)

A full scroll takes around 4.2 seconds (with USB not plugged in), and according to Runer112, that's like ≈ 35 FPS.
He meant IDA, and it's much more expansive (and not easily buyable) than $80.
There are free "old" versions, though.
It's not really dropping support, it's basically a new, other transfer software (also acting as a program editor) for the CE calcs, that also nicely works with the older USB z80 calcs.

That's how I view it anyway, since TI Connect 4.0 works alongside.
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