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Are you sure you uploaded the right file? See the recent posts of
But good job, anyway :)
TI-84 Plus CE / TI-83 Premium CE - Version 5.3

(Cross-posted from TI-Planet)

Thanks to TI, we've been able to try OS 5.3 in advance and so we've made this unofficial changelog for you, although you've probably seen some of those things in our recent news :)

1) Homescreen:
Improved program launching:
  • archived programs directly
  • assembly programs directly
  • sub-programs (asm and/or archived) OK
More info:

2) Programming and editor:
New :f31: :f15: menu with options:
  • Launch the current program
  • Undo erase
  • Inserert blank line above
  • Cut current line
  • Copy current line
  • Paste line below
  • Insert a "comment" (watch out: " inserted, = a string)
  • Quit
More info:

3) Mathematics:
Textbook-like render of piecewise functions

More info:

New menu with several pre-written conditions to help write these functions.

Ability to input related sequences of different types

More info:

Ability to save the tangent's equation in a Yn variable

More info:

4) Apps:
Application Transfrm (Transformation Graphing) :

  • Reminder of the graphs' precisions (resolution): 3 for animations, 1 otherwise
  • Y1 and Y2 only are available for the app (instead of all)
  • 11 equation templates in the editor:
    • A*X+B
    • A*X²+B
    • A(X-B)²+C
    • A(X-B)(X+C)
    • A*X²+B*X+C
    • A(X-B)3+C
    • A*X3+BX²+C*X+D
    • A*abs(B(X-C))+D
    • A*sin(B(X-C))+D
    • A*cos(B(X-C))+D
    • A*tan(B(X-C))+D
More info:

5) Misc.:
Transfers: "Resend" option in the menu

6) TI-Connect CE 5.3:
Distribution of version 5.3 as a "Bundle" file containing:
  • OS 5.3
  • Default apps (in the apps menu)
  • Language apps (mode menu)
  • Hub app(for the TI-Innovator)
  • Defaulg images
More info:

7) TI-SmartView CE 5.3:
  • Improved emulation speed(but low FPS = jerky graphs)
  • Saving/Loading of emulation state
  • Ability to update the emulator's OS

In conclusion, some very good things :)
It's available very soon, for the 2017-2018 Back-to-school season !

Please re-read what I wrote. The PB is already a webapp.
And no, there won't be an offline desktop app for it since you can already have better in terms of IDE and emulator etc: just setup the toolchain as usual, use your favorite IDE, and CEmu right along.
As I was saying, the PB is especially suited for people who can't/won't do that, or want the specific features I made.
There's some wrong info in recent posts here, so let me clear that up:

Quote from: kotu on June 22, 2017, 01:54:13 PMis there any option for offline building?
There's no offline building since the PB's nature is to be online (or at least in a context where it's not directly standalone). It's an "IDE" talking to the (server-hosted/setup) CE toolchain which you can get yourself for offline use if that's what you want.
However the PB is the only IDE and toolchain-integrated solution where ez80-llvm is readily available.
For an offline use of LLVM, you'd have to build it yourself, and that has so far be tested on linux and macOS only. The standard llvm takes ages to bulid on windows, though, and this version might not even build on it yet anyway. When finished, you'll have to mess with the toolchain's files to integrate it.

Quote from: Snektron on June 22, 2017, 02:26:10 PMThat backend finally works? Sweet...
Some things aren't there yet, it's quite alpha/experimental... but it's a nice start indeed.
For instance, floats aren't supported yet, and will the build will error if you use them. See

Quote from: _iPhoenix_ on June 22, 2017, 02:15:13 PMPerhaps save page to reading list/save for offline viewing.
No, the PB, like a whole lot of modern dynamic webapps, is relying heavily on client-server interaction, for things like file loading/saving, tags fetching, real-time sharing, building, downloading, projects management etc.
What you see on the page is merely the UI side of things which wouldn't really be filled with anything if there were no internet connection available.

Quote from: _iPhoenix_ on June 22, 2017, 02:15:13 PMI haven't tested it, mobile and good websites simply don't mix.
That depends on the website, but considering I've had enough trouble trying to make everything on the PB fit nicely for desktop/laptop-class displays (responsive stuff, togglable panels etc.), there's no way it'll run on mobile, so I disabled it entirely (well, there's a message telling you so)

Quote from: kotu on June 22, 2017, 02:28:54 PMeven if that did work, i prefer not to be developing stuff in a browser, i think most ppl would agree
Not "most people would agree", no, because it highly depends on the goal, when/where you're working on the project, what computer you have access to, what kind of project it is etc.
For instance, if you want to create a project with someone else (or several), it's better to work at the same time, ie with real-time live collaboration. This boosts productivity insanely and avoids conflicts that could otherwise happen if multiple people edit the same portions of code. The PB offers this specifically around a CE-oriented context. Can't really do any better. Critor and I have both used it like that for some CE games, and more recently jacobly, Mateo and I for other pieces of code (especially testing stuff, for the toolchain etc.)
One other goal of the PB is to provide easy access to a CE dev environment without the hassle of having to install the prerequisites/toolchain/emu etc., especially if you're a beginner in this field, or, if for any other reason, you aren't able to install it on the computer you're using.
For more experienced developers that are working on a project on their own, for instance, then of course, there is no real reason to prefer using the PB over a local toolchain+stuff that also happens to work offline. Plus they'll be able to use/configure their dev. tools as they see fit.

Quote from: _iPhoenix_ on June 22, 2017, 02:37:20 PMI recommend notepad++ and the C toolchain, then, along with the offline CEmu (the emulator not the C IDE/emulator)
Note that Notepad++ is a text editor that has some fancy little additions for code, but that's it, it's not an IDE at all, and frankly, can barely be used for anything non-trivial (I wonder how anyone can work without static analysis, smart autocompletion, and tons of other stuff only (some) real IDEs are able to provide).
In fact, the PB is already making a better job as an "IDE" than Notepad++ in several aspects. But that's not really surprising, considering I created C/CE-related specific features on it. For instance, the inline ASM viewer, the ZDS/LLVM diff view, the in-sidebar ctags for code browsing, the JS CEmu integration etc.
Of course, if you want a real IDE, I personally recommend Clion, especially since it's free for students and on other specific cases as well.
What's that? C++ you say? LLVM-based building and not just asm-viewing?

That's right, C/C++ building support through jacobly's LLVM-ez80 backend is now available on TI-Planet's Project Builder (in alpha) !
Over the past few days, I've been able to work on some Project Builder upgrades (and I want to particularly thank jacobly for the time he spent with me debugging some things :P) :

  • "Refactor" (relatively minor, but not trivial either) of the eZ80_native backend architecture to better allow for a more direct usage of the upstream toolchain. The PB now uses the latest toolchain and libs versions, while keeping compatibility for/with the old and existing projects. 
  • Initial support of .cpp/.hpp files, which may be compiled only right now, and of course only with LLVM (they're not built, there's no ZDS linker involved, at least for now).
    Warning, there's no C++ std lib support, but you way write classes, templates etc. (well, anything related to the C++ syntax itself), but without using the STL, for example. 
  • More generic and reliable dirty check (for launching builds)
  • Fix ctags getter when refreshing after saving files
  • Fix modal line numbers and refresh
  • New feature to display the LLVM unfiltered output alone as well, instead of only having a ZDS+LLVM diff view.
  • Better bootstrap tooltips
  • Feature to disallow creating implementation files with the same "common name" (i.e. you can't create a test.asm file if a test.c existed, as this would conflict later on during the build)

(Will be available soon on the public github repo)

- Via
Well, for now it is only comparing ZDS to LLVM, but some versioning ideas have been in my mind for quite a while, so if I ever implement something related to that (probably through git, if so), then yep, diff between versions would be there.
Gaming / Re: Nintendo Switch console
April 30, 2017, 06:40:01 PM
kinda related
LLVM view updated, now diffing with ZDS (left, and llvm on the right)
Note that clang gets called with -Oz for now.
(Also, yes that means you can write some C++17 for you 84+CE, because why not...)

That said, I guess I'll commit some compatibility thing for the older paths to still work instead of possibly make people angry about the toolchain updates breaking their stuff.
*However* because things should still be updated, it will print an annoying deprecation warning message until their code gets fixed :P And eventually, I guess this compatibility layer may get removed.

This is the proper way to handle a graceful deprecation/removal for "breaking" changes (even if it's here a matter of removing just a few chars)

Edit: done
Thanks, but in theory, all the credit goes to jacobly's rather extraordinary work :)
A quick&dirty experimental integration of jacobly's LLVM eZ80 backend has been done yesterday evening:

It will obviously be better eventually, but for now it's good enough to try/debug stuff :)
Unfortunately, on my CX CAS rev F, this new version is incredibly slow (around 2 FPS, and it was frameskipping etc.)
Can't test on a W+, since I don't have one.
Debugging things have landed  8) (printing, for now)

(Eventually, CEmu messages will go into their own console, but for now, it's using the browser's JS one)
ASM is now much better :) (thanks, @Runer112, especially)

Before the end of the week, I shall look into supporting debug logging from the online emulator, so we can actually have the debug print feature working on the PB as well, making bugfinding/tracing easier :)
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