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Big update today!

I have added support to the Project Builder for gfx resources (png images for instance), with the convimg tool from the toolchain!

  • To add sprites / images to your project, just drag'n'drop them onto the editor (be careful, if there is one called "icon.png", it will become the icon of the project, though)
  • The convimg configuration file, gfx/convimg.yaml, is created automatically with a template content adjusted for your images (you have to edit it if you add more images later)
  • The dropdown menu at the top left of the code editor allows you to list the files and images found in your project, and to access the configuration file. From this menu, you can also preview your images, download them, and delete them.
  • The files generated by convimg cannot be modified (they are read-only in the editor) in order to avoid bad modifications by mistake.

Here's a video showing a real-world usage of the features:

Let me know if you see something wrong,

Enjoy :)

(crossposted from TI-Planet)


Previous update missing here:

[size=15]Jan 19th, 2020 updates![/size]
  • The PB has been improved to support the (LLVM-based) toolchain without any modification (that's good for me, as I just need to git pull and make install to keep up to date!)
  • Toolchain and LLVM updated to the latest version. This includes internal tools like fasmg (used as the assembler and linker), which jacobly greatly sped up thanks to a "CALM" instructions rewrite.
  • Building (without cleaning) doesn't remove the built 8xp first. As such, you can get the expected "make: Nothing to be done for 'all'." message if you try to build again if nothing changed.
  • Project icon + description support has been added. This means that inside Cesium, your programs can have those displayed!
You can add an icon to your project by drag'n'dropping your icon.png file on the editor (just like source files)
CEmu, C SDK & Libraries (TI-84+CE) / Re: CEmu
June 22, 2019, 03:50:23 PM
CEmu v1.3 has been released!

Quite a big changelog - happy emulating!


In other news, some time ago, for fun (until it's much cleaner and integrated properly with the rest), I've made a ti-basic live execution viewer thingy [...][/quote]

MateoConLechuga has since picked up the work I left there, and did quite some improvements to the code, while also adding awesome features :)

We now have:
  • A new part of the GUI (not yet finalized ...) dedicated to TI-Basic debugging
  • A visualizer (with highlighting) of the currently running TI-Basic code (and the contents of the temporary parser, in the tab next to it)
  • The ability to see the current execution "live", or the current fetch (what the parser looks at then run - not necessarily very useful, but why not)
  • The ability to pause and step / step next
There is more to come, and probably soon: GUI additions (most notably, variables and their current values), and breakpoints on TI-Basic code...

A quick preview:

If you want to try, it's on this branch:
Consoles / Re: Graphics-hacking Super Mario Bros.
February 21, 2018, 10:06:22 AM
Well it's doable already, no need to ask Mateo, anyone can :D
Since this has been requested recently, I added a .webm screen-recording feature, so that you can now video-capture in addition to png-image capture :)

You can post such webm on some forums, or host it on gfycat for instance (which provides gif conversion etc.)...
Surprise! The Project Builder (but also TI-Planet's archives) now embeds a much improved version of WebCEmu, based on current developments (lots of nice work from Jacobly and Mateo, regarding LCD / SPI / DMA etc.)

The interaction with the browser (especially for the display of the screen, but also the emulation infinite loop) is now written in such a way that there is no need for threading anymore, which simplifies a lot of things, and allows not to encounter weird behaviour (slowness in particular) in recent Chrome versions for example, with these APIs JS being a little too new ... And consequently, the speed of emulation is also closer to the real thing.

In addition, WebCEmu is now built in WebAssembly format, which makes it both faster and smaller :)
Looks terrific!
I've never actually written any 3D rendering code myself, so I probably can't help on that part, but maybe general opts.
Is the code hosted somewhere like GitHub ?
I finally did the rebase (well, I wrote a script to do it...) from the private repo to public repo, since early July.
There are only 2 files left not yet published, basically :)
Here are the 102 commits pushed:

(And thanks to those who contributed to some of those commits, directly or indirectly, especially Mateo, Jacobly, Runer112, Lionel.)
Between yesterday and today, I spent about a dozer hours on making the backend architecture of modules more generic, splitting in several layers what's specific and what's generic for the server-side processing things. I've also completed the DBHelper SQLite backend implementation (untested though!), if people are interested in it someday.

Anyway, it's becoming easier and easier to handle/add several modules in the Project Builder (even though I could still generify some more layers in the front-end, for instance a "front-end for a module using CodeMirror").

An overview of the general architecture according to PHPStorm, not showing fields/methods/etc. (we don't see what uses what, too bad :P):

Quote from: xlibman on November 11, 2017, 01:02:05 AMActually it's higher than that for this month. In US dollar the regular price is $12, which is around CAD$15
Oh lol, I thought the $12 was in CAD not in USD :P

Anyway, I'm glad this all seems resolved now.
Hm, I just donated 12 $CAD since I read this should cover it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(and I just had to pay 600+ eur for housing tax >.> so what's 8 more euro lol)
Bumping this topic - there's only a week left to participate, don't be late ;)
"Live" participation status and countdown available here:

Also, we've added some more goodies on each categories :D

Good luck!
Just to let people know I've ported this to the CE - it turns out it was quite easy actually, I feared it was going to be annoying, but I was pleasantly surprised :)

Anyway, it's easy to port "CLI" stuff now. For instance, here's a simple RPN calc I found on GitHub that took basically 2 minutes to get running (fprintf -> nio_printf):

Source (has a "single" version with just one .h and one .c for easy project inclusion):

(via TI-Planet)

TI-Planet and Planète-Casio are organizing a free contest with about 1400€ of prizes to win, including many latest calculators, among which the NumWorks, TI-Nspire CX CAS, TI-83 Premium CE, Casio fx-CP400+E, Graph 90+E, HP Prime and several HP Prime mobile apps, the TI-Innovator... !

Prizes also have goodies like pens, bags, stickers, TI-Planet premium accounts...

You can participate in the category of the prize you want to win - the goal is, in the provided program, to get the best score according to the best "stellar configuration" (optimal coordinates). Then submit your configuration with score by email.

Have fun and good luck, it's open until November 5th :)

Just crossposting that here, but you can find more info there:
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