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I would post pictures of the inside of my Casio Prizm, but since it has a special condition ("a poor repair job from Casio's service center in a south European country"), I believe it's best if I don't do it, to avoid confusion. They, along with pictures of "normal" Prizms, are widely available on other websites, including a nice curated list of links on the Prizm Wiki, so I guess not much is lost.

As for the tear down, it's really simple:
1. Remove the battery cover;
2. Remove the batteries*;
3. Unscrew all the screws on the back, including those on the battery compartment. The screws are all the same;
4. Profit!! Be careful not to lose the reset button. For even more profit,
5. Unscrew the two screws holding the circuit boards in place;
6. Gently lift them (be careful not to break any connections);
7. Extra profit!!

When putting everything back together, take care to make sure the battery springs go into their correct positions in the case. You really don't want to break them, if you do, you better have soldering skills :)

Also, in case more people have the screens of their Prizms lightly scratched: it's an unfortunate property of the plastic they used. I'm yet to see a screen protector for the Prizm that doesn't look ugly.

* People for the Ethical Treatment of Prizms recommends that the calculator be properly turned off before removing the batteries, to avoid damage to the highly vulnerable flash memory component (and to save me from hearing more stories about dead Prizms).
Two ideas:
1. You aren't using HTTPS Everywhere or anything of that kind, are you? (Kinda hard since you talk about Chrome mobile and AFAIK that doesn't support extensions)
2. Could it have something to do with ? Recent versions of Opera are Chromium-based but I'm finding it strange for the bug to have found its way to Opera so fast...
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on July 08, 2015, 04:11:16 PMOur userbase in general tends to be younger in general, although we tend to discuss various topics that involves technology. I hope you enjoy your stay.
Ummm... what makes you think I'm not young? I'm 18, just finished the first year of university (computer engineering undergrad at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico in Lisbon).
Hey there, I'm gbl08ma of Casio fx-CG 10/20 programming fame. You may know me from other calculator-related communities. I registered here just to make sure my username would not be taken by someone else. :) I registered here because I'm a bit tired of the forums I usually frequent and this one seemed nice and friendly.

Besides Prizm programming (which I'm getting tired of doing), I like messing with other embedded systems from ready-made hacking platforms like the Raspi and the ESP8266-based boards to whatever other devices come to my hands (old and new mobile phones, for example).

I also have experience with Linux server management and, to a lesser extent, web development (both back-end and front-end). I am the main developer and administrator of the shortener, the PrizmID statistics collection project, and other upcoming websites and services.
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