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Utilities, now with a thread at CodeWalrus! Since projects for Prizm calculators are not seen here very often, I thought I might as well post this here...

The Utilities add-in enhances your Casio Prizm calculator by providing functionality not originally found in the OS, or by providing enhanced alternatives to existing functionality.
Download links are after the screenshots, on the "Download" section.


It's a big list! See here:
Some remarks:
  - Weights less than 185 KiB, saving space on your Prizm's storage memory and speeding up its transfer between calculators.
  - Really fast to start up - it's usually even faster than the built-in app Run-Mat!
  - It's open source (GitHub)

Download g3a directly (simpler, you can even download directly to the calculator drive)
Download ZIP archive with Read-Me

Download ZIP archive for the PicoC edition - Information about PicoC

If you are planning on hosting Utilities on calculator software archives, please use the unmodified ZIP file which has the Read-Me and license files.
Still, I would appreciate you didn't host it yourself, and just linked to the above links. It makes updating easier and also lets me count the downloads better.
For sending directly to your friends' calculators, you don't need to send the Read-Me or the license.

Installation instructions
To install, connect the Prizm calculator to the computer with a miniUSB<->USB cable. On the calculator, press F1 when a pop-up appears on the screen. Wait for the USB connection to be established. When it's finished, your Prizm will appear on your computer as if it were a pendisk.

Copy "utilities.g3a" to the root folder of the pendisk (i.e., out of any folders but inside the pendisk) and safely remove it. Wait for the calculator to finish "updating the Main Memory". When it does, you should notice a new Menu item, with a Clock icon, called "Utilities".

The first time you run Utilities you'll be presented with the tny. internet media group logo and then a screen with some important notes about the add-in. You should definitely read them. You will then be guided to adjust the clock, something you'll have to do every time you take the batteries off. Don't worry, Utilities will remind and guide you through the process.
Update instructions
Copy the new utilities.g3a over the old one. Refer to the installation instructions for more details. If you used a version of Utilities older than Beta 9, see here.

Usage instructions
Everything should be pretty much self-explanatory - Utilities is made to dispense the Read-Me :). Because of that, only less obvious things will be detailed here. To open the settings menu, press Shift+Menu while Utilities is running.

The calculator lock function will guide you through the process of setting a password, the first time you use it. You can contact gbl08ma if for some reason you wish to disable this function (be prepared to follow instructions in a very exact way).

The Add-In Manager only becomes available when the "Show advanced tools" setting is enabled. It is still unstable and may cause system errors. If you see a System Error, you should try pressing Menu and then 1 to try to dismiss it, or you can press EXIT to reboot the calculator. 99% of the times no data is lost or serious damage is done in the event of System Errors.

Checking for updates
Starting with the v1.2 release, Utilities includes a little function that, assuming the calculator's clock is adjusted, will remind you to check for updates after a certain date in the future. However, you do not need to wait for that message to appear. You should check for updates to Utilities periodically, to ensure you have the greatest feature pack and the most stable version. To check for new versions, you should visit this thread or the following page:

The add-in is available under the GNU GPL version 2. The license text is available online at

Last words
Utilities is the result of over four years of research, work and extensive testing. That said, we can't guarantee you will have no problems using the add-in or that everything will work as described. You are welcome to report problems, as well as modify the source code to your needs as long as you respect the license.

We hope you enjoy using Utilities as much as we did developing it. And if this add-in ever becomes useful, you just found a secret feature ;)
I talked about this yesterday in the chat, and it generated quite a bit of discussion, so I thought it was worth a forum topic. Lucky CodeWalrus is the first forum to get a topic about...

Clouttery, the smart, cloud-enabled battery monitor which works with every device! (hopefully, one day)

Clouttery currently:

  • Lets you know the battery levels and charging status of your devices, from a single place, even if they are miles away
  • Stores and displays the battery history for those devices
  • Optionally notifies you whenever the battery level of a device goes below or above a certain threshold (when discharging/charging, respectively)
  • Calculates statistics for the batteries, such as charge cycles and calibration count
  • Analyses the battery history and lets you know about potentially damaging usage patterns

It's currently available for Windows and Android, has a Chrome extension, and a web console. The Windows client provides some extra perks, like the ability to show battery percentage and remaining time in the system tray, as well as computation of the remaining time on computers where Windows does not provide it. The Android app also provides battery life estimates, separate from those calculated by certain Android versions.

Clients for more operating systems and platforms are planned; the intention is to support everything, from laptops to embedded devices ("IoT", if you prefer fancy terms), and provide a good user experience across all platforms. The idea is to integrate well with each platform, providing a UI that is recognizable across all of them, and yet doesn't look too far off from the platform's design guidelines.

Some screenshots:
(if the images look "zoomed in", it's because my computer has DPI scaling set to 125%. It's also good news: it means the Windows client supports DPI scaling!)

Web interface:

Windows client:

Android client:

In the future, Clouttery shall:

  • Learn about the battery consumption habits of your gadgets and learn/be taught about your needs, so it can plan ahead of you ("If you want to have your phone usable by 6 pm, you need to stop playing games now. Oh, and enable the battery saver")
  • Detect and warn about malfunctioning/dead batteries
  • Deal with multiple batteries per device (especially important on devices with multiple detachable batteries, like some convertible laptops)
  • Deal with dumb devices that have a (mostly) constant battery drain over time, such as clocks and smoke detectors, reminding you to change their batteries - this would require having the user tell Clouttery whenever batteries are changed
  • ...and more stuff that's a secret for now (even managing to implement all of the above would be quite a feat)

Clouttery currently serves well the following kinds of users:

  • Users who own many devices with Internet access (like a bunch of Android devices for software testing);
  • People who forget to charge a phone after e.g. leaving it for a couple of days on some desk (used to happen to me during holidays)
  • People who would like to get more detailed statistics about the batteries of their gadgets, or who generally like fancy graphs
  • Users who just want the battery percentage on the system tray (yes, some people install it just for this).

I plan to offer a free basic plan for this service, then have plans at multiple price tiers with monthly or yearly billing. The more expensive the plan, the more features it has, the more devices it supports, etc.

But the good news is, a public beta-testing program is ongoing, and everyone who joins this program, and keeps being an active user until it ends, gets free Clouttery for life! Being a beta-tester requires keeping in touch with me in order to know the latest news and install the latest updates, and of course communicate any bugs and give suggestions. The Windows client updates automatically, so it means eating running whatever is shoved down the update line (but don't worry, everything is tested in at least two computers before).

If you are interested in participating, start here:

Everyone else, feel free to comment!
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