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Web / Holiday Vault
So I made this thing for a cemetech contest.

Its a website where people can submit their holiday ideas and how to do them. They will use markdown to describe everything, or post links to existing guides or lists of ideas.

The backend is in NodeJS and using Express and the Handlebars templating engine. I guess suggestions would be cool!

Hey guys...

I know I dissapeared, and I feel like I should ahve stayed around and posted the stuff I was working on, even though it has nothing to do with calculators :P
What about vegas tho!
Other / Re: Thanksgiving and Black Friday
I'm looking for a new graphics card, maybe a 1070, as I have the money, and the one I have right now just isn't cutting it.
Web / Re: UniChat!
Check this out:

(You can't see the cursor, but I'm clicking on the button)
Web / Re: UniChat!
It looks pretty nice, though your container things could use some padding, and it appears you have to click the submit button twice? (give that some css as well ;) )
Haha, I know, but the peer pressure at school is crazy. Gotta have those group chats with 8 billion people.
* Unicorn sits over here with his iphone 4s

Anyways, hoping with the release of this phone I'll be able to upgrade to a SE or 5s. *crosses fingers before looking at the prices*
Randomness / Re: Something Totally Cool With
Quote from: kotu on
i think it looks like a s*** movie, thanks
im conf7used? plz halpthxby
Thats an oddly specific time.

EDIT: Oops i can't read
Other / Re: Your post/coding Milestones!
Good advice.
Looks very fun! So will this be a two player game, one player, or have a real AI? (I didn't read the rest of the thread :P)
This is what i was refering to:

I figured out why building with electron-builder didn't include all my bootstrap stuff and scripts. Apparently, devDependencies and Dependencies aren't the same thing.

But anyways, got a custom icon, a Setup binary that makes a desktop shortcut and a unpackaged binary. I even learned what .gitignore does! :P
are you referring to that program on guthub? if so, it removes the h in https among  other things
Quote from: Juju on
Ah yeah, Electron is pretty neat. Personally I just installed electron-builder (npm install electron-builder --dev --save), your package.json file should look like this, you type npm dist and there you go you have some apps packaged, ready for release.
Huh. And all the docs and tutorials didn't make it that easy :P

Well, npm dist is not recognized as a command, apparently. Is there some other dependency i need? oops npm run dist :P
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