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Other / Re: Going to be Gone for a While
December 10, 2014, 05:25:26 PM
Hello. Just stopping by to provide my alternate viewpoint. The staff of Omnimaga might make some official statements in the future, but I wanted to make my own. Also, sorry if this is sort of in the wrong thread, but it seemed to be heading in this direction.

I don't like this idea because it splits the community, and over something that I personally think has been blown stupidly out of proportions. I'm guessing some of you guys won't be active as much on Omnimaga, either due to dissent or not desiring to use two separate yet very similar sites. And and a number of users on Omnimaga won't be active here for the same reasons, and additionally some for not realizing this site exists. The community will continue in this somewhat split state either ad infinitum or until one site dies. None of that seems desirable, as we can already see with concrete examples like pimathbrainiac not wanting to be around while this continues. Sorry to see you go, pimathbrainiac. I hope things get sorted out on our end and on your end so you can return soon. I'd hate to lose one of the best Axe coders for too long. I'd hate to lose any of the rest of, too, which I'm hoping can be avoided.

I'm somewhat ignorant of any issues you guys have had with Omnimaga, but I believe that most issues can be solved civilly if all parties involved are willing. If that's not the case here due to grudges held on either side, then all I can say is that I'm disappointed that any grudge-holders would rather gamble with the strength of the community than relinquish them. (I'm not just talking to you guys; I'm well aware that Eeems and potentially other Omnimaga staff are preventing positive progress, and have been trying to get  them to loosen up on their position)

Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on December 09, 2014, 06:10:59 AM
Well, so far I know Runer112 didn't care much. He understood but he still thought the site was a bad idea no matter what. But of course, so far, everyone that disagreed with the site are staff on another site.

If being able to move, edit, and delete posts as a moderator makes me "staff," then yes, I'm staff. I can't honestly say that has nothing to do with my position, as it may subconsciously, but I consciously identify as an external party in this situation. And I resent that you'd say I don't care much. Just because I don't agree with your position, doesn't mean I don't care. I've spent the last hour or so carefully writing this essay of a post because I care a lot about saving friendships and promoting a stronger unified community. And the best way I can see to achieve that is for Omnimaga staff and you guys to listen to and respect each other and to (re)join forces, which just happens to mean probably not moving forward with this site. I'd love to see it if you could continue to put the efforts you've put into building this site into improving Omnimaga.

Edit note: Sorry if this sounds overly dramatized or accusing you of being anti-Omnimaga. I think most of you aren't, as suggested by Eiyeron's post below, but I felt I needed to write parts of it as if the reader is because I feel they're important to try to get through to.
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