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Not a Number: The Messenger Trilogy, Part I: Fall of the Messengers (2020)

Started by racingstripeAV, January 30, 2020, 08:44:20 PM

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hey not a number remember when you did those albums a couple years ago
yeah what about them
you know they're called "trilogy part 2 and 3" right
uh huh
so about "part 1-

The Messenger Trilogy, Part I: Fall of the Messengers (2020)

01. Prelude to the Fall 2:01
02. Long Live the Kings 3:34
03. The Secret Princess 4:21
04. Willing Duke I: Mine By Right 4:35
05. Willing Duke II: An Act of Treason 4:41
06. Defender of the Glory 4:04
07. Suburban Girl I: The Innocent Lies 5:11
08. Cold Sweat 6:05
09. The Resistance 7:57
10. "So They Say..." 3:05
11. Suburban Girl II: The Guilty Truth 2:30
12. Upon a Furrowed Brow 6:49
13. Willing Duke III: Midnight, Tonight (The Last Stand) 9:29
-- I. On My Mark
-- II. The Last Stand
-- III. Have At You
-- IV. Hanlon's Razor

14. Rise of the Second Eastern Union 4:24
15. Take Your Place 9:12

For those wondering about the other two parts of the Trilogy, I already made a thread for those in case you want to hear the rest of the story.

And with that, the Messenger Trilogy is finally finished, which is a sentence I never thought I'd say... but at the same time, this project is far from over; this was just an introduction to the world in which it all takes place in; the starter's over, it's time for the main course (which I have no idea when it'll be all done - I'm aiming for the fourth album to be done by 2023 - three years should be plenty of time)

DJ Omnimaga

I need to listen to this soon. I was wondering back then where was part 1 lol xd. Nice to see new music from you. :)
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