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Re: E37's projects
« Reply #60 on: March 28, 2017, 11:44:14 pm »
Another beta release within the week!
I sure am punctual...

This could very well be my last update. Two weeks ago I found a but that caused slight memory corruption when revealing a large cavern which is not noticeable until the game quits. It only happens past Frozen Frenzy.
I still have not found a fix. I will post again IF I can fix it.
Other than that, I introduced a bunch of small tweaks and a new unit. Other than that one bug, I believe I have finished debugging.
I have to stop because I have hit the limit of the calculator - it is simply not fast enough.
Playing the game up until Frozen Frenzy Is the best approach. Later levels can suffer form lag because of their large size. However if you don't mind a bit of lag and the possibility of a ram clear, those levels are the coolest. (The last level especially, you can spend hours exploring and still have areas to uncover)
If I get some interest I can make a unit and strategy guide.

Until next time,
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