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Lightweight launcher for Android

Started by gameblabla, March 09, 2018, 05:28:36 AM

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A while ago (3 years ago actually), i discovered mLauncher by chelovek84.
It was basic yet that's what i liked about it.

However, i had some issues with it mainly :
- The bookmark feature. It gets in the way and is not useful. I never used it.
- There's a bug with icons. Some apps have way bigger icons. Nothing is resized down.

I noticed the author behind it is mostly dead these days so i was not hoping for an update from him.
That's why i made a small fork and did the following things :
- I removed the bookmark feature. I noticed it was doing some heavy thing (using JSON and all) just for bookmarks and taking more memory. Yikes...
- The fix for icons is like 2 lines. Took me a while to figure it out though.

No more gigantic icons or bookmarks. I noticed it became snappier after i did that too.

I did the fork after i recommended mLauncher to someone and he had encountered these issues.
I put it on github (check out the releases for APK) and the Google play.

This launcher is even more lightweight than Google's own launcher and most alternatives out there.
The only launcher lighter than this is Null Launcher. (which does nothing)
Use it on an old/slow device.
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