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I have started working on my palm os emulator again and need some help.

Started by guicrith, March 29, 2017, 01:23:29 AM

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I posted about this about a year ago and it has been dead since then.
It got so cluttered it was impossible to work on and I gave up.

After a year of getting better at programming I am continuing where I left off.

I have already cleaned up alot of bizarre custom for loops, typedefs and inaccurate comments.
All using namespace std; has been removed as well.(from the emulator,the qt gui still has some)

Over the last year I have joined retroarch, fixed many issues with there dosbox port and added long file name support.

I would like to work with others on this project.

It is still a little messy but wont be getting any worse.

After the clean up I am changing the direction of the project, speed and readability will be the main priority not tiny file size.

From now on only hardware apis or os5/zodiac apis will be written in c the others I am going to try to find a way to extract them from a 68k palm os 4 rom of witch plenty have been dumped.(The existing apis that work will be left for speed but for simple things like palm custom string functions using the existing rom would be fastest)

With these changes and some help a working beta may be possible in few months.

Here is a video of it (not)working.

//the embedded video player was not working

This is its temporary location till everything is cleaned up:
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Dream of Omnimaga

I fixed the video above. There are issues with but not with it seems. Anyway I'm glad to see you again and that you're still working on this. Unfortunately I can't help you and I doubt many people can, since very few people have a PalmOS device nowadays. But hopefully if this uses a mainstream programming language then maybe you might have some luck. I wish you good luck with this project. :)
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I'm afraid i won't be able to help... Emulation stuff is way beyond my abilities ! :p
Perhaps Vogtinator could help you with the ARM interpreter/recompiler, if he wants to that is.
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It is written in crossplatform c++ with qt and retroarch as the gui, it outputs a framebuffer and accepts keycodes, so porting is just hooking up the framebuffer and key input.(later there will be an audio buffer too)

You dont need a palm os device to help, the source comes with free game prc files(some have the games source code too), all official sdk documentation, the palm simulator and palm os 3.1 and 4.1 roms.(This is completely legal since palm actually published these online to be used with the official palm os emulator, before there website died that is)

The simulator is not cross platform(windows only) and does not support arm applications, that is why a new emulator needs to be made.
The official emulator only goes to palm os 4 and is also windows only, there is an android port that is very buggy though.
There is a 50$ emulator for android but it is also broken with some arm apps and only works on armv7 android.
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