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xlibman xlibman
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Juju Juju
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xMarminq_ xMarminq_
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123outerme 123outerme
4 Posts
c4ooo c4ooo
3 Posts
_iPhoenix_ _iPhoenix_
3 Posts
gameblabla gameblabla
2 Posts
Lionel Debroux
1 Posts
Caleb Hansberry Caleb Hansberry
1 Posts
kotu kotu
1 Posts
TheLastMillennial TheLastMillennial
1 Posts
Jemons Jemons
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Special thanks to Juju for providing the above script he released in 2011. The following charts are static.

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xlibman xlibman
Post Rating Ratio: +95\-4
Snektron Snektron
Post Rating Ratio: +32\-0
Juju Juju
Post Rating Ratio: +28\-2
Streetwalrus Streetwalrus
Post Rating Ratio: +20\-0
MateoConLechuga MateoConLechuga
Post Rating Ratio: +19\-1
TheMachine02 TheMachine02
Post Rating Ratio: +14\-0
aeTIos aeTIos
Post Rating Ratio: +12\-0
Hayleia Hayleia
Post Rating Ratio: +12\-0
Post Rating Ratio: +12\-0
Post Rating Ratio: +12\-0
utz utz
Post Rating Ratio: +11\-0
Lionel Debroux
Post Rating Ratio: +11\-0
Post Rating Ratio: +11\-0
LD Studios LD Studios
Post Rating Ratio: +10\-0
E37 E37
Post Rating Ratio: +10\-0

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