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I recently got a Pebble Time smartwatch. You can get them for pretty cheap right now (~50$ new. Some models and colors are more, though), especially since Pebble was bought out by FitBit. I decided to make some Pebble apps in C, but then it hit me: why not make a Sorcery-themed watchface? So I worked using cloudpebble.net to make these Pebble C projects. Just saying, it's a really cool tool for anyone interested in this sort of thing. Here's v2.2 of that.

(click to show/hide)* Tells time (thankfully :P)
* Battery level indicator
* Uses the official TI-84+ font
* Has a little 64x64 image of the main character sprite (which I have yet to name, I just realized)
* Bluetooth connection status & vibrate on disconnect
* Day of the week and numerical date
(click to show/hide)* Download the .pbw file in the .zip
* Send it to your Android/Apple device somehow (I personally use Dropbox)
* Attempt to run it on your Android/Apple device, and select the app to run it with as the Pebble app
* Wait for install
* Enjoy

Compatible With:
* original Pebble
* Pebble Time & Pebble Time Steel
* Pebble Time Round
* Pebble 2

Screenshots of v2.2:

Download here for the direct, here for the Pebble App Store link, or download from the .zip attached below. You can find the source here if you want, as well.

You should make him move across the screen and play the fighting animation randomly, checking every second.


--- Quote from: _iPhoenix_ on July 28, 2017, 04:32:33 pm ---You should make him move across the screen and play the fighting animation randomly, checking every second.

--- End quote ---
That would be pretty cool, to have some animation! I'd have to learn all that stuff though, lol. On top of that, it wouldn't be a good idea to check every second, since that drains more battery. I'd probably do it every minute.

I've added a battery bar, charging indicator, and bluetooth disconnect reminder! It's got quite the impressive featureset now. Basically enough to classify as a functional, partially helpful watchface. Coming soon will be month/day and day of the week.

I've added compatibility to Pebble Time Round, today's date, and new screenshots to prove it! v2.1 is now out.


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