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Author Topic: ICE Compiler  (Read 28172 times)

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Re: ICE Compiler
« Reply #375 on: July 17, 2017, 03:32:53 pm »
I had finally a free day off, which means I had a lot of time for programming :D

Today, I added Asm(, ReturnIf, remainder(, Lbl, Goto, Output( and Disp. The days before, in my spare free time, I added strings + string concatenation (like "ABC"+Str1) and length(. I have the framework done for sub( and toString(, both will be implemented soon :)

As far as I know, this is my to-do-list until the first C version release:
  • Integer types and pointers
  • sub(, toString(
  • For( loops
  • prgmX
  • DefineSprite(, ExecHex(, Call , CompilePrgm(, SetBASICVar(, GetBASICVar(
  • Eventually some sort of lists/data ish
  • More C functions
  • More random functions
If you have suggestions on what to add more, feel free to nag me, I'm now in the mood for adding things :)


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