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Bitchin' Fast 3D 2000

Started by gameblabla, September 04, 2017, 06:47:19 AM

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In the year 2000, Video loca releases the Bitchin' Fast 3D 2000.
It featured 5 of the best graphics card that were currently on the market and all of them on a single, gigantic graphics card.
Someone actually owns a copy of this thing !

It scores 425 BongholioMarks ! WOW !
  • Calculators owned: None (used to own an Nspire and TI-89)


you want to fit one of these cards
  • Calculators owned: TI 84+CE-T
  • Consoles, mobile devices and vintage computers owned: Sega Master System, Sony PlayStation 3

DJ Omnimaga

I think he wants to be rendered with those cards.
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  • Consoles, mobile devices and vintage computers owned: Huawei P30 Lite, Nintendo Wii U

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