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- Added other gender options
I like the green you have right now. Maybe you could do some wacky background like you did on Omnimaga v5, but green. And more wacky.

I made no changes to Tapatalk yet, it's just a check that should be unchecked in the settings, actually. Also, uploading large files should work as I uploaded the Tapatalk mod. I'll try to debug whatever causes a blank page of death and the session thing in the error log.
I'm looking at this.

- Increased upload max file size from 1M to 32M (should fix quite a few stuff and bigger mods can be uploaded)
- Installed Tapatalk (nag might still be present once every 90 days but no mobile welcome screen)
- www automatically 301-redirects to no-www

So yeah, as we fix stuff, cross it in the OP and if you find any, add it in the OP and in a reply. This will be kind of our changelog.
I'll get to it when I can.
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