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toasters.rocks v3

Started by Yuki, December 17, 2019, 08:52:23 AM

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I've recently been rebuilding my blog where I put project updates, rants, writing, reposts from elsewhere and most recently some absurd webcomic made with Microsoft Chat for Windows 98 appropriately called Horse Life 98, check it out :)

I recently installed Ghost on some free shared hosting account I had laying around somewhere that surprisingly supports Node.js and Ruby, it's WAY better than Wordpress and it's written in Node.js so it's way faster and not a clump of legacy code that still supports EOL'd versions of PHP, and now I'm trying to build some custom theme for it, which are pretty much HTML templates that are really nice to code. Previous versions used Write Freely (written in Go, had almost no feature other than federating with Mastodon and felt a lot like 0.x software) and Tumblr (which is pretty much a failure since it got bought by Verizon, they tried to ban NSFW and the users got pissed). So yeah, it's a pretty nice experience so far, and I'll keep you updated on the new theme :)

Visit it now!
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I'll check it out soon. I haven't checked it much yet but I like the look so far.
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