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First I just want to say that I'm sorry for being absent/a lurker for the past however long (for whoever noticed or cared). I ended up taking a long pause from this site and when I came back I never knew what to say in any of the new topics.

Second, this topic. I just wanted to share a few Chrome add-ons that I found that you can add in order to help raise money for charities a)without spending a lot and b)not doing much.

The first and main thing I want to share with you is Tab for a Cause. You can find a lot about it on their website, but basically it is a custom New Tab page that shows a few ads. The revenue from the ads go towards charities. Each tab you open up earn you one Heart, and you can choose to donate hearts any time to one of a few different charities (I think there are currently 8 to select from). When you donate hearts, the revenue from the ads goes to that certain charity. The custom page also allows you to customize it with links to websites, calendars, clocks, etc., and you can also change the background image.
My invite link: (All this does is give me extra hearts to donate, if you choose to get the extension through this link)

Next there's Goodblock. Goodblock is a (very good) adblocker, possibly made by the same people who made Tab for a Cause (don't quote me on that). The twist is that once every 24 hours, you can view one high quality (not clickbait or standard crappy ad, more like something you'd see on a billboard in a city) to again earn hearts you can donate to different charities, which is currently the same set of charities as Tab for a Cause. You get 10 hearts for every single ad viewed.
My invite link: (does the same as the other invite link)
One thing to note about Goodblock is that you'll have to disable it for sites like Tab for a Cause or Ecosia (mentioned next), as those websites use ads to earn the money to donate.

I only have one more thing, unfortunately. I wish I had more things than three, but you can add more in the topic thread if you wish. The last one I have is Ecosia. Ecosia is a search engine that shows a few ads at the top of the page to earn money that is used to plant a tree. With the amount of users Ecosia has, a tree is planted about every thirty seconds. Like most search engines that aren't Google, it's not the best. To make up for that, it can use results powered by Google, if you so choose.

Like I said, I wish I had more than three. The descriptions I gave are also probably less than adequate, but hopefully you get the idea (and you'll be able to check the websites for more info, anyways). I hope that these are some things you guys decide to start to use.
Other / I'm giving up on programming.
April 27, 2016, 12:24:06 AM
For a while, I've been telling myself and others that I'm a programmer.
But I'm not. And if I am, I'm a pretty trash programmer. I've never finished a project that's worthy of anything. Remember when I tried to make Fallout 84+ and got no where, then gave up on it? And Rocket League 84+ -- forget about it, it's just not going to happen.
And that's just calculator stuff -- I haven't mentioned anything about actual, computer programming. I've yet to be even remotely useful with a language. I've tried to learn C++, Python, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and all I've learned is that I'm trash at programming.

And programming isn't the only thing I suck at. Just a little bit ago I got back from a Jazz Festival where I played the drums. And just as I thought I was getting better at them (this is my first year playing) some kid had to put me to shame. At that moment, I realized there are so many things I'm just not cut out for.

So that's why I won't be on often. And I definitely won't be working on any projects. I still might visit CodeWalrus a bit, but I'm no longer a programmer (if I even was), I am just here to observe.
You may have seen me say in the IRC that I'm stopping work on Fallout 84+. Why? Because I don't know Axe well enough to finish it, and I felt like it was going nowhere. But, I've wanted to start on another project, one that will be a lot easier, while not being too easy. And my friend helped me find the answer, which you probably know from the title of this topic: Rocket League 84+!

I hate to be the guy that never finishes anything, so I'm going to get at least a playable version of this out before I get lazy and slow production.

I've already started, and I've got the basic movement of sprites done. This version will be top-down view and 2-player, with only two cars. Player 1 uses the arrow keys to move, and Player 2 uses the numpad (8 = Up, 2 = Down, 6 = Right, 4 = Left). I might change it eventually so that Left/Right changes the rotation of the car, and Up/Down will move the car forwards/backwards. For now, Left = Move left, Right = Move right, etc.

I think that the hardest part of this is doing the physics of the ball. Actually, now that I think about it, the hardest part about this will probably be staying motivated to work on this, or finding time to work on it. If you guys wanna help, you can do so by bugging me over and over to finish the game.

Sreenshot of a very, very simple start to the program:

I've also attached the files to this topic, you can test them (THETAROCKTLG is the source). I know, they need some optimization, and I probably screwed up some of the programming a bit. But it'll get better.
* * * * *
* * * *
* * *
* *
Now that that's out of the way, let's continue.
I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I wanted to know what family line Rey comes from in Star Wars 7. There's been a lot of speculation and theorizing on the internet lately, and there are lot of compelling arguments that she could be Han and Leia's daughter, Luke's daughter, Obi-Wan's daughter/granddaughter, etc.

As we see in the movie, Rey knows a lot about spaceships (or starships, or whatever you call them). This is evidence for her being Han's daughter, as he is pretty good with ships, or it could evidence for her being Luke's daughter, since we know the Skywalkers are good pilots.

Near the end of the movie, we see Rey being able to use the force, almost better than even Kylo Ren (remember when she kicked his a... err, butt?). The Skywalkers have been strong in the force, starting with Anakin and continuing on to Luke. So, this is more evidence for her being Luke's daughter. But it could also be evidence for her being at Leia's daughter, because her father (Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader) had the force, so Rey would have a higher probability of having the force. It could also mean that she is Obi-Wan's daughter/granddaughter, because he was very strong in the force.

We also see at Maz Kanata's castle when  Rey finds Luke's lightsaber, that it was "calling out" to her. It's possible that if she was in the Skywalker family line, the lightsaber would be hers next (after Anakin and Luke had it). It could also mean that she is Obi-Wan's daughter, because Obi-Wan had possession of the lightsaber for so long.

For me, it seems that it is most likely that Rey is Luke's daughter. It just makes the most sense, between her being a good pilot and being strong in the force.

P.S. Sorry for bad wording and probably a few spelling errors. If you need me to re-word something to clarify, let me know.
I'm not sure if this should've gone in the pre-existing What are you listening to thread ( or in a new topic, obviously I decided to put it in a new topic.

What kind of music are you listening to in order to get into the Christmas spirit? It doesn't have to be a carol, but it can be.
I'll go first: I've been listening to rock Christmas music! Spotify added a few new genre radios, one of which is titled "Rock Christmas". I was expecting "Jingle Bell Rock":

and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree":

but instead songs like "Zat You Santa Clause by Smash Mouth":

started playing  O.O Hey, I'm not complaining! This station rocks! (Pun intended)
Anyways, what music are you listening to this season?

(I apologize if you don't celebrate Christmas and if I may have offended you)
I've looked around on the internet, but I haven't found a good source. There was one good one, but it was in French (, which I cannot understand. So could anyone provide me with a quick explanation of how it works or a translated version of the page above?
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Fallout 84+
December 14, 2015, 10:26:33 PM
Some of you may have caught me yesterday mentioning that I once was working on a semi-text based Fallout for the TI-84+, however it was lost in a ram clear. As JWinslow23 suggested, I have decided to revive the project, and I will document its progress here; however do not expect that this project will move forward quickly (I'm a slow programmer  :-[ ).

But first I have a question, should I make this for the TI-84+ or the TI-84+ CSE/CE? (I don't know whether or not you can do polls here or not. If you can do polls, I'd be happy to know how.) (Nevremind, thanks to Araidia fo telling me how) Doing it for the 84+ would be simpler, but the CSE would allow a more Pipboy-like interface (with the black and green colors). But in order to create a game for the CSE that is similar to other CSE games I will have to learn xLIBC, so if I do decide to do that I will need to learn how to use libraries.

As mentioned before, this is going to be semi-text based. Some elements like V.A.T.S. will be graphical, but other elements like traveling will be text based. Although I'd like this to be mostly graphical, I'm afraid that that's not going to be easy on the TI-84+/CSE.

So before I start, should I make it on my 84+ or my 84+ CSE?
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