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Sorry about the pack delay guys, the pack is corrupted. @MateoConLechuga is working on it to undo it, hopefully. To make it up to you guys, here are 2 ANIMATIONS for your Oiram. That's right, animations. There is a psychedelic-ish one and a bouncy chrome logo ball thing. Hope you enjoy while you wait for the release of Super Marm World 5, Green land

Sorcery of Uvutu (TI-84+/CSE) / Re: Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
« Last post by c4ooo on Today at 08:34:20 pm »
WASD + space
Sorcery of Uvutu (TI-84+/CSE) / Re: Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
« Last post by 123outerme on Today at 06:37:51 pm »
I've done a lot more work on Sorcery PC, including doing the overworld menu and Stats sub-menu, so here that is:

(go here for all screenshots)
I also show off loading a save file, and the new font I'm using to avoid legal issues with TI. This font is a very slightly modified version of one found here. It's a very retro font, and the closest one I could find to the TI-84+'s font without doing too much research.
I'd personally use the "CoordOff" instruction before the input to hide the coordinates at the bottom, but apart from that it looks pretty good.
Media Talk / Re: Funny/awesome Youtube videos
« Last post by xlibman on Today at 06:07:24 pm »
3D-printed Zelda map

Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Oiram CE ti-84+ce
« Last post by xMarminq_ on Today at 05:27:46 pm »
It probably is! Mat could try to move Oiram's spawn in the first lvl down a tile, if that's what you meant. (Not resolved)
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Oiram CE
« Last post by Adriweb on Today at 05:16:40 pm »
I suppose it might not be too hard for @MateoConLechuga to debug/step-through the editor's loading function to see at which point the file is corrupt. One byte is probably enough to make the whole thing "crash".
Sorcery of Uvutu (TI-84+/CSE) / Re: Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
« Last post by xMarminq_ on Today at 03:44:41 pm »
Cool! Maybe you should consider having custom setups as well as some defaults like WASD or        ^        (Arrow keys, I tried to be clever) maybe TAB IJKL because they are most reminiscent of the calc layout.                                                                                                                                                                                                 <V>                   
Sorcery of Uvutu (TI-84+/CSE) / Re: Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port
« Last post by 123outerme on Today at 03:18:08 pm »
I'm really torn on what the control scheme should be laid out, so I've presented the best 4 options in a poll. Vote at the top of the topic for which control scheme you like best! Also, I've been doing more work (no screenshot yet, still working on the Stats menu), and I've added a whole lot more! I'm really excited to share my progress; screenshot coming soon!
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: GTKALK, a primitive GUI library! ti-84+
« Last post by SopaXorzTaker on Today at 02:22:43 pm »
Initially I wanted to write some sort of a Logisim clone, and the idea to write that came up.
It's really primitive, and the program has to handle redrawing of windows, etc (see the source code of GTKEX0/1).
You can even write custom controls for it, the calling convention is really simple and described in the comments.

The code of GTKEX0 (on Cemetech) is commented (and comments aren't preserved in the tokenized version attached), you can read it to understand how the library works.

I am also planning to port it to 84+CE, with colors and stuff.
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