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Topics - novenary

Up until now, we have been approving pretty much every thread that has been submitted to the randomness section, despite our desire to keep its growth controlled. We have decided to start rejecting some threads in there, in an effort to keep the overall quality of the content posted on CW to a reasonable level.
Thanks for your understanding,
    - CW staff
Site News & Announcements / Scheduled maintenance
May 01, 2017, 04:23:56 PM
I will be doing server updates tonight around 2:00AM GMT. Expect a few minutes of downtime as I reboot the server.

Hopefully nothing will break. ._.
Gaming / MOVED: Ban the Nintendo Switch
March 01, 2017, 12:22:40 PM
Programs and Utilities / [Android][PC] USB Mountr
January 07, 2017, 10:31:42 PM
So I screwed up the bootloader on my PC. Again. :P I was able to fix it but it's always a pain to borrow another computer to download an ISO of my favorite distro and prepare a USB stick to repair that every time.
There's a neat application called DriveDroid that lets you use your phone as a USB drive for this exact purpose, but on my phone it was setting the gadget driver to the wrong mode, causing it to emulate a CDROM drive instead of a more conventional thumb drive (which Arch doesn't like), plus it's not open source, so I made my own application which is much faster and does things properly.

Source code and downloads are on GitHub (APKs in the releases tab, root is mandatory).

I tested it on my (2012 model) Nexus 7 and my OnePlus 2, not with my Nexus 4 though since it's on the unrooted stock ROM and I need to charge it as well. I've heard of a Nexus 5 and a OnePlus X working fine with it, so I presume compatibility should be fairly good.

Have fun with it.

Only dead in name I hope. Rest in peace CM, long live LOS (that name is stupid though).

Edit: even their site is kill, sad. Here's an link.
Other / Bikesheds
December 03, 2016, 10:59:18 PM

I don't think I need to introduce this classic. If you haven't read it, take the time for it.
I think beyond the main point of opposing change like grumpy grandpas, this applies to quite a lot of things that happen online, and it's a good thing to keep in mind while you're posting/chatting.
August 19, 2016, 12:44:16 PM
Buckle the c down.

New album coming up. Hype level: 9001%
I grew tired of writing makefiles and I couldn't find a single build system that aimed to be minimalist and had decent scripting support. Ninja does the former but doesn't implement the latter on its own by design so I wrote the complementary part.


I hacked this together in a few hours so it's not perfect but I can already build a project of mine with it and it works great.
Site News & Announcements / News editors
February 13, 2016, 07:40:05 PM
We finally decided it was time to have dedicated news editors on the forum. We are aware that some people are willing to write periodic news or just standalone articles more often than we actually post things on the front page. That's why we are now introducing the News editor group, which grants the ability to post news to the front page without going through a moderator.

The first member to be granted this privilege is @pimathbrainiac with his monthly project recap. Thanks for writing these, pi.

Applications are more or less open, the only requirement is to prove that you can write quality articles that can be posted on the front page. If you already have 2-3 approved articles, you're pretty much eligible for the job. Of course we prefer quality over quantity so we don't want you to write 10 articles a day, more like 2-3 a week. :)
Quote from: c4ooo on September 08, 2015, 12:39:31 AM
Download the latest version of Lazer II:
Well, after close to a year of direct / indirect work, it seems that Lazer II is just about done. Lazer 2 is a cool laser puzzle simulator game, where you must spin mirrors, using portals and buttons to your advantage, in order to make one or more lasers hit the target(s). The concept is similar to <that one laser game>, but there are major gameplay differences. (For example all lasers are shot simultaneously)
Lazer II is a sequel/rewrite to the TI-Basic game, Lazer I, which can still be found here. As the level editor is going to be released next weak, (it will be part of the main file) I may fas well call this project "done" :) (That makes two done projects for me  8) )
Lazer 2 adds the following to Lazer 1:

  • Re-Writen in axe, every thing faster!
  • Greyscale
  • Level packs
  • level editor
  • Switches and gates
Note: old screenshot

Image thanks to @chickendude

Read the readme.txt for how to play the game :)

I would like to thank@Runer112 for the greyscale code and @chickendude for bug testing :) (and gif)
You can find the official development thread here.
Site News & Announcements / New IRC channels
November 04, 2015, 02:04:26 PM
We decided to create a couple side channels for CW on Efnet IRC, two new channels are now available to public : #cw-anime and #cw-spam. The former is dedicated to anime fans in general, while the latter will have looser rules compared to the main #CodeWalrus channel (especially with regard to bots, the rule thread will be updated accordingly).
Note that we're not going to pull an Eeems here, all kinds of discussion are welcome in the main channel as long as it remains within the site rules.
The channels aren't available in WalrusIRC for now as it only supports one channel, and quite a few things are needed to allow multiple channels in there. This will have to wait until @Juju finds some time to do it.

Have fun !
Site News & Announcements / Goodbye Eiyeron
October 26, 2015, 08:05:19 PM
It's with regret that I have to announce that Eiyeron has decided to take a leave from the community. He just entered university and wants to focus on his studies and start a new life. As such, he is stepping down from his moderator position and is not expected to come back to CW anytime soon.

Goodbye Eiyo, it was fun having you around.
So I got fed up of how slow and buggy Firefox is on Android, and decided to roll custom builds of Chromium instead, since I'm not satisfied with the feature set they offer. So far I have a patch to add DuckDuckGo to the search engine list.

Repo with the patches here :

I'll start uploading builds once I have more than that to offer and I'm fully set up for signed release mode builds (and also once I figure out how to debug it since I'm gonna need that to screw around more).

Tonight, a former admin and co-founder of the site who had stepped down but was still trusted with root access to the server broke down and deleted the entire filesystem of the server. I had to restore a week-old backup to get it back up and running, so a lot of posts will be missing. We apologize for the trouble.

User has been permanently banned for site vandalism and multiple episodes of defamatory content (although the latter would only have resulted in 3 days of moderator preview and no IRC access if only that had occurred). If you would like to know more details about what happened, there are IRC logs available below:

#omnimaga: (mirror link)

Your walrified penguin-cat admin,
Other / Post your desktop !
June 22, 2015, 08:06:30 AM
Surprised we don't have this thread yet. Anyway here's mine.

So yeah, mysql update temporarily blocked access to the db, it's back up now.

Damn, that was the scare of my life. ._.

And no I didn't really commit harakiri, I couldn't write this post otherwise. :P
So I made this. It's a theme so it should work on any rom that supports them (probably gonna bitch on install it you're not on 5.x, didn't test older versions so please report, you need 4.4 at least anyway), so CyanogenMod, CyanogenOS and any other rom that has implemented the theme engine (a bunch as it's pretty popular).

APK is attached.

Edit : lol, didn't notice that vid was 42s long.
What follows is an April Fools joke. The psychedelic forum theme remains available as secondary theme, though, since some people wanted it to remain available as an option in their profile settings. (For French people, ceci était un Poisson d'Avril. Walrii aime beaucoup le pwésson :walrii:)

Faisant partie d'une récente campagne hallucinogne, nous avons décidé de mettre en place une nouvelle espèce à partir de fluides gastriques de morses. Ainsi le site a changé de thème pour encourager l'utilisation de ces globalement inoffensives et amusantes substances.

Votre admin,

Non-french version :

As part of a recent campaign for hallucinogens we decided to promote a special kind made from walrus stomach fluids. Hence the site was as of today redesigned to encourage the use of these completely unharmful and fun to use substances.

Your admin,

Translation by your fanciest walrus (-_(//));
Title says it all, three networks plus the internal omnomirc network are kinda annoying. I suggest dropping the freenode channel as no one uses it, maybe we could get rid of omninet as well since basically no one that doesn't come from omni uses the latter.
We managed to get ops back on the Efnet IRC channel so you guys are now free to join it again. ;)
Site News & Announcements / Reboot incoming
March 15, 2015, 03:58:05 PM
Quote from: uptime15:52:50 up 94 days, 17:08, 10 users,  load average: 0.25, 0.48, 0.65

Server upgrade, time to reboot. :P I'm gonna do it sometime today around 20:00 UTC, should be only a couple minutes of downtime at most so don't panic. IRC channels are still available in the meantime if you need them.

UPDATE (by DJ): The server reboot by Streetwalrus went on smoothly.
Hardware / Raspberry Pi 2
February 02, 2015, 10:53:29 AM

Eyup, it's a thing. They (finally) upgraded that piece of trash they called a CPU, and upgraded the RAM to 1GB. Thatd pretty much all but I'm definitely buying it. :D
Other / Happy new year !
December 31, 2014, 10:02:57 PM
So yeah, it's 2015 now. 2014 was fun, looking forward to what will happen during the next year.
Also I we're open to public now so welcome to CodeWalrus ! :D
Site Discussion & Bug Reports / Efnet botnet
December 18, 2014, 12:11:15 PM
Current bots, with server, host and owner:

W-802 (Streetwalrus)
W-803 (Juju's place)
W-804 (Juju)
W-805 (Juju)
W-806 (Juju)
W-807 (Ivoah)

old post
So we need some kind of botnet to keep Efnet OPs. So far we have two ZNCs on the CW server connected to eversible (me) and port80 (Walrii), one on withg connected to (StreetBot) and YukiBot that Juju set up.

Here are the auto op links :

Streetwalrus <-> Walrii (secure)
Streetwalrus <-> StreetBot (secure)
Streetwalrus  -> YukiBot (only relies on hostmask though it has the CW domain in it so no one can really steal it)

This needs to be improved (need to have every bot linked and more bots on more servers).
Consoles / Raspberry Pi based GameCube modchip
November 30, 2014, 10:13:56 AM
Cross post from gc-forever :

I wanted to run homebrew with whatever hardware I had lying around so I grabbed my unused Raspberry Pi and a bare metal tutorial, and set out to make a XenoGC clone. That modchip allows to play burned discs and imports on the Cube. Since it doesn't have code signature you can also burn homebrew and play it on hardware.

Have some pics.

CN302 debug connector under the DVD controller board with wires attached :

I tapped into the 5V line on the motherboard to power the Pi :

The wire harness comes outside the back through holes I'd made for a previous audio jack mod. I used a connector from a floppy drive ribbon cable to attach it to the Pi :

And here's the finished product. I have a 2043 block memory card in slot A and a 32GB SD in slot B to load games and homebrew from :

I should try to write some software for the Cube now. :D

Source and schematics attached on GC forever cause it doesn't fit in the limit here. I hope you like it.
General Music Talk / I found our anthem
November 19, 2014, 11:40:15 PM

Nothing to say, this is our official song. :P
What happens when someone with a RPG project and someone with a battle engine project team up?

A new project : WalrusRPG, J-RPG engine for Nspire, by Streetwalrus and Eiyeron (aeTIos is more or less lurking at the moment). Basically, we aim to make a versatile enough RPG engine to create a full game in the vein or Earthbound and Pokemon (each one was the inspiration from both the programmer) on Nspire in C++. A big project starting from scratch but giving us experience on many things we could have missed around on the gamedev subject.

What's the goal? Having a RPG engine versatile enough blahblahblah. For Eiyeron, the main project is giving birth to a game inspired by MOTHER series while keeping its own identity. For Streetwalrus, WalrusRPG is a basis on a project he hasn't really defined at the moment, hence the need for versatility.

What's planned? Well, the points more defined are that we want to have a RPG engine based on an event system, 2-layered tilemaps, HBE as battle engine, the ability to load data from files to allow bigger games, and event scripting with Lua.

What's already done?
Bascially, nothing is in a really done state. But let's check what we already did
- Advanced sprite rendering : based on a Renderer interface, anything aggregating a renderer will be able to draw sprites taken from two kinds of spritesheet : a grid-aligned one (like old Minecraft's item textures) or packed sprites (like modern game engine does, allowing for different sized sprites/frames)
- Time-based animations for sprite rendering.
- Tilemaps. Also as they uses the Renderer and the time-based animations, it allows us to have animated tiles
- Update/Render loop.
- Asynchronous Triple Buffering, because WE CAN DO IT. (and it also helps allowing us squeezing the most FPS we can with vsync).
- A small fixed font renderer. (Also with the SpriteRenderer, we should be able to quickly do a variable-width-height font renderer)
- Automatic compile-time picture to C/C++ data conversion based on ConvertImg.

Soo, we're only a few steps ahead from the starting point but here's the GitHub repo, if anyone is interested in giving us some help on anything about it : .
Old post content

Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on November 17, 2014, 05:52:30 PM
On a side note, if one day we can manage to do a massive calculator achievement or innovate like Hayleia just did (even if parts of the credits goes to Badja and to a lesser extent Matref for the scaled sprite routine) then we can get more visibility outside the calc world too. :P
Lol yeah, SSBO is really something. We kind of wanted something like that with Pokespire as well. :P
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