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Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Pyramid 89
« Last post by xlibman on Today at 06:46:55 pm »
Good to see it released! You should put the link in the first post if not done already. :)
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Pyramid 89
« Last post by Ranman on Today at 02:24:24 pm »
Pyramid Solitaire was uploaded to Ticalc today.  :w00t:

And attached to this post.
Other / Re: NHL Playoffs (ice hockey) + bracket challenge!
« Last post by xlibman on Today at 03:41:04 am »
So the Arizona Coyotes beat an NHL record: They became the first team to not win a single game at their first 20 attempts in regulation time.

Their first ever regulation win this season came against Montreal :trollface:
Here's a short radio mix of Hardcore Spectrum Disorder:

I prefer the original, long version, but this version might be handy for sharing in places with restricted song length limit or for people who prefers shorter songs.
That looks nice. It didn't look as great on Messenger because it cropped the borders but with the full-view of the screenshots it looks better. I like the layout as well. Good to see you're adding some graphics or icons, though.

As for graphics, I would be ok with 2D sprites with no 3D effect. You don't have to add 360 frames for each angle or something lol
Awesome idea, looks complex.

I personally care more for speed than graphics,
so 2-d would be nice. I'm guessing it would look like
Turn and Burn for the Gameboy.

You can make "polls" for voting when you're making a thread.
I think you can add them later too.
I've been talking about it for a while. Asking questions about how to do this or that. But without any real progress.

Scroll down for a question I have about ship/terrain assets.

Well as of the past week or so, that has changed. I sat down, turned off my Minecraft (with great internal suffering) and got to work. Over the past week, I succeeded in creating the shields, the major non-combat systems, damage reception, power control, and more.

At this point in time, there is no networking implemented and the file is quite large (~15kb). Much of this is due to graphics and AI calculations which, when networking is implemented will no longer be present. The intent is also to hold graphics server-side and send the relevant sprites to the calc during runtime, which will be saved in a temporary assets file. Also, as Kerm told me that CALCnet will likely not be a thing for the CE due to differences in network protocol, I'll probably use the existing USB protocol on the CE with a computer side program to send data to the hub, which would have the ability to interact with connected CE's and CALCnet, allowing the color and monochromes to play on one server. I'll also open source this when done to allow it to be ported to the CSE.

But more on that later. I have very little left to do before I can release a demo. Basically just AI ship control, player ship control, rendering the viewscreen, and firing. In the scope of what I've done already, that shouldn't take too long.

Now, feast your eyes on some screenshots:

The Question:

This game is played in a virtual 3D world. The map objects and ships are technically 3D. My question is, would it be better, both in terms of rendering speed and data size, to create several versions of each sprite, to view the object from different angles, or to create full 3D models for the ships and the spherical map objects (the irregular objects will be rendered differently). For full 3D, I could make 16x16x16 models for each item, leading to an overhead of 4096 bytes per object, which if it's in an external assets file on the CE isn't a major issue. When this game eventually gets backwards-ported to the monochrome calcs, we'd be talking about 512 bytes per object.

If the common consensus is the latter (3d models), is there someone here who has experience making them?
Web / Re: asciiworld
« Last post by Juju on Yesterday at 08:43:29 pm »
More updates:

- Rooms (or more like, different worlds)
- Since only online users appear in the database, your position is saved offline in local storage
- Brand new help box when you press h
- Messing with the dev console (other than editing the Firebase database directly) should mess with mostly nothing but the consistent state of your local copy of the game, as updates from the database have the last say on it
- Command parser (type /help)
- Walls
Contests / Re: UCC3
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on Yesterday at 04:41:50 pm »
I redid the scoring system for this contest, because there are some extra things I feel are important:

Universal scores (things your entrie(s) will definitely be graded on, regardless of it being singleplayer or multiplayer):
1) Following of Rules. (you have to do this, or DQ)
2) Execution. (75pts, how well your entry functions, things like speed, loading time, etc)
3) Style. (50pts, based on visuals and ascii art quality :))
4) Controls. (25 pts, are the controls easy to use and beginner-friendly? Bonus points if there is an in-game tutorial, if your game is not centered around players learning for themselves)
5) Code Quality. (5pts, simple things like understandable variable/function names, indents, and legible code. If your code is intentionally obfuscated, and you do not provide a deobfuscated version, DQ)

Multiplayer games:
1) Usage of Firebase data (75pts, the less data you need to store, the better. Please look into compression)
2) Reliability/code resilience (30pts, if can easily cheat your game in < 10 minutes without editing Firebase directly, you have problems. If I can do it in < 30 seconds after looking at your code, DQ. I wrote MC hacks for 4 years, I’m half decent at this.)
3) Enjoyabity. (50pts, is the game fun for all parties)

If you create a multiplayer game, then the average score for the “multiplayer game” section and the “universal scores” section will be averaged to create an overall score
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