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Drawing & Animation / Re: Fake Yuguoh cards that i made
« Last post by p2 on Today at 11:04:56 am »
the SPELL CARD text at BUILD A WALL is off... :)
Tech, Science, IT discussion & News / Re: iPhone X
« Last post by p2 on Today at 09:39:44 am »
I still stick to my iPod touch (256GB) plus a super cheap phone (nokia) since that's the cheapest way yet better in tearms of reachability since I got the insane battery lifetime  :thumbsup:

the AR features would be really cool to have, but not at that price  :ninja:
Walriified only shows new posts if I don't reply to myself it seems... (all my posts show up except my post to WalrusKingdom where I replied to myself)
Walrii Games (TI/HP/PC/2600) / Re: Walrus Kingdom (former PocketWalrus) pcwindowsjavawalrus
« Last post by p2 on Today at 09:30:07 am »
next stop is an actual savegame.
I need it to save changes to the map even through teleportation (don't want all maps in ram all the time) as well as for the actual save/load function.
But since I can't get the stupid streams to work I'll progably have to look through my old docs from java classes >.<

planning on adding more live to the world, probably animals and permanently animated tiles
I was thinking about using the rabbit tiles from "Siedler II" but I guess I'll never get their permit for that >.<
Other / Re: Kotu will not be back on CodeWalrus
« Last post by p2 on Today at 09:11:20 am »
Farewell my friend, it was a nice time with you <3
aah so that explains the reported failure of shortened URLs ^^
glad it was only a minor problem
Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
« Last post by p2 on Today at 09:07:06 am »
I guess most of us were similar:
We started programming on calculators, mostly the 83+/84+ family, then learned xLib, later axe or ASM, and finally moved to PCs, and now we're fully fledged software devs still sticking to the forum where we grew up <3
But I think that's actually not a bad thing as new members still get a lot og´f help in calculator problems, while we also get more and more help for other stuff like C# or Java ^^
yey congrats @CVSoft and also @Caleb Hansberry  :)
So with the Canada Post fees and what I paid the CD's for, and the possibility of having to report my profits to Revenu Québec and canada revenue agency when doing my tax stuff, it looks like my albums will be all $9.99 each at Sunrise Records.
By the way, regarding my resignation and the xlibman/DJ goodbye post that used to be on the front page, disregard the goodbye post. For explanation about what exactly happened (and I would prefer that it is discussed only in the following link), check this topic https://codewalr.us/index.php?topic=2217 (WARNING: NSFW). It's only in French for now, because I felt it was important to explain it in my language first. I'll translate it later. I am better now, but I'll wait a short while before rejoining the staff. What happened in that private post has nothing to do with the TI community
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