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Tiewrap, a game engine for PC


Introducing a new project of mine: Tiewrap is a game engine not unlike LÖVE designed to be small and efficient, but with Duktape as a scripting language. Of course, it's similar to Legimet's Duktape-nspire project and heavily inspired from it, but this one uses SDL and should work on a variety of platforms, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, Nspire, or whatever SDL has been ported on. Planned features include a module based on the HTML5 Canvas API.

Right now it doesn't do a lot, but you can check it out here:
Also check out the API:

Update: Managed to add event support last night, which is a pretty important feature if you want to draw things in the window. Right now it lets you prevent the application from closing with an unload event.

So yeah, it's going to be kinda like HTML5, but without the overhead of a full-blown web browser and everything and your app won't weight like 50 MB just for a simple hello world. The binary right now is about 500 KB instead.


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