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I have no update, but here's what to come, as I got new ideas:

1) The ruined city you see at the beginning of the game is Lévis. No clue about when it was destroyed is given, but given real life and worldwide events, I  was tempted to replace the picture with a smaller city or cutoff some of the skyscrapers, or maybe even use a picture of Lévis, to suggest that the city was destroyed not too far into the future.

2) A sequel to the game would involve traveling back to 2186 A.D to eliminate the source of the Tibestian problem, as it is supposedly around that time that they first visited Earth and secretly setup an outpost there. The setting would be a Dystopian Quebec City, where due to past events, all former residents of Lévis are only permitted access to a certain portion of the city despite their city being nuked in a terrorist attack in 2029, and by the year 2100, due to their reputation having spread worldwide, they are banned from accessing most big cities. As you land in 2186 to  fullfill your mission, you would find yourself in the middle of another affair, as the night before you arrived in 2186, most of the younger portion of the enclave population vanishes overnight, followed by multiple mysterious reports of hijacked airships causing no casuality at all.

3) I also need to fix the super fast gold earning bug.
General Music Talk / Re: The Hardcore and Old Skool Thread
« Last post by rowan_futurerave on Yesterday at 07:46:49 pm »
Ok here is my current submission - it may be slightly more Freeform as opposed to Happy, hardcore, than some of you may like - but it is good and I'm not exactly a Freeform man myself. It's a USA one. Enjoy!

Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Attack of the Snails!
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on Yesterday at 07:21:33 am »
Today (well, yesterday as I am posting this), I worked on the above animations!

I'm no longer afraid of doing more complex graphics, because I actually can work through most of the problems I encounter which is super awesome. There are still problems that evade me, though, but I can usually get around them with a bit of refactoring and duck tape.

I'm not going to post the animation just yet (it's very much not done and extremely buggy), but it looks awesome even if it is sped up a good 700 times (not CEmu's fault) for reasons I can't discern... But if you step through the code while looking on the memory viewer, it's pretty nice.

I've decided that I'm going to optimize the program for size, considering that a significant portion of my code is dedicated to slowing the darn thing down so it's even visible. I'm down to 1295 bytes (code only, no sprites or font) right now, but there are numerous unnecessary jumps and several sections of repeated code.
Drawing & Animation / Re: Zarmina
« Last post by rowan_futurerave on August 18, 2018, 02:55:46 pm »
Yeah IPhoenix is quite good actually. Hi IPhoenix !! woot woot!!
Drawing & Animation / Re: Zarmina
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on August 18, 2018, 10:33:56 am »
I might as well plug my stuff if this is how we are doing it ;)

I also do ambient tracks, like this, this, this, this, and (technically) this.

You can use any of this, and if you want anything custom it's free and done within a reasonable timespan.


Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Re: Attack of the Snails!
« Last post by _iPhoenix_ on August 17, 2018, 06:19:00 pm »
Mega-update (a.k.a. I forgot to crosspost, sorry)

I did all kinds of awesome things yesterday!

I eliminated all kinds of bugs that were present. This took a long time, as most of these bugs seemed to be caused by something that wasn't actually causing them. (i.e. all of the evidence pointed to my RNG routine modifying some internal variables, but it was actually because I deleted a few extra lines of code while trying to remove a comment).

I decided to make the menu options titlecase, only because I'm lazy and making them all uppercase would make me add 3 chars instead of 1 :)

I also added the code to draw in the multiplier. It pads the score to a length of 4, but I'm working on modifying my score-drawing routine so it only pads it to 2.

I also made the menu options functional! Before, both options would lead to "playing".

Here's a gif showing all of the changes I made today!

We are really close to release! I hope to have this project done before school starts for me on the 30th.

Mateo suggested that I make the snails "crawl" towards the player instead of "jumping". This is a fantastic idea, so I implemented it.

Here's what it looks like: (this is very slow, but the speed is easily adjustable)

I've decided that the snails at the top are going to do a little attack animation (I'll shift them up quickly, then shift them back down, to make it look like they are biting or whatever), then I'll make them fly out to the left.

The new snails coming in from the bottom will quickly fly in from the bottom in their own animation. I can't gradually make them slide in without lots of changes to my code, because I calculate the new snail row after the shifting is done.

I redid my timer code. Before I had one timer, but now I have two timers. The first one is the time between the shifting up of the snails. When it completes, I decrement the second timer, which is the time between new snail rows and eventually the animations.

I might try to stagger the movement of the snails within each row so it looks more realistic, but that's a lot of work.

Thank you so much Mateo, this suggestion made this game look a lot better! :)
Drawing & Animation / Re: Zarmina
« Last post by rowan_futurerave on August 17, 2018, 08:32:14 am »
Ok cool @Juju , feel free to ask for specific styles or anything, as long as its ambient in theme I seem to make fairly ok stuff, would be a pleasure!  :)
Drawing & Animation / Re: Zarmina
« Last post by Juju on August 17, 2018, 07:13:20 am »

Well, I kinda ditched the background songs, but it might be a pretty nice idea to bring them back, actually. I also plan to bring art back to a point, too. I'll ask you for music for sure if I need.
Drawing & Animation / Re: Zarmina
« Last post by rowan_futurerave on August 17, 2018, 06:11:10 am »
Ok @Juju I just read chapter one and it is great - really good. Actually quite gripping in fact. So well done.

Are you still going to be use music for the project at all? Maybe a different tune playing quietly in the background for each page? If so, feel free to use those of mine that you already have, PLUS I have made a few more lately, check out http://futurerave.uk/songs.php

The bottom 6 are ones I just put on there.

Ok  8)

And if you want more in a certain style, just ask.
PC, Mac & Vintage Computers / Re: Gateway to Legend
« Last post by 123outerme on August 16, 2018, 07:39:26 pm »
Version 0.12.0b is hitting digital and metaphorical store shelves! Dropping with new content, fixes, streamlines and more! This update has more changelog entries than any of the past ones so far. Most changes aren't additions to gameplay, but rather changes and minor improvements. These include more SFX, streamlined menus and controls, bug fixes, and more.

Download the new release here: https://github.com/123outerme/Gateway-to-Legend/releases

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