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Project update:
-Boss names are now shown in battle, when applicable.
-Boss 2 and optional boss were renamed from Tanorial and Tutorial to Loneliness and Anxiety
-Title screen updated, but it will most likely change again in the near future.
Glad you're liking it so far.  :) Although the piano's only there until I get around to recording the vocals (same with the "guitars").

Speaking of, new WIP:

Defender of the Glory 1:35 [SKETCH 01a] (2019-02-17)

"Imagine if you will, a scenario in which the villain has won. Consider this their 'victory lap' around our hero.. that is, if they were here to see it."

Composition-wise, this is another in the stretch of the more "conventionally-written" tracks for the album. Gotta counter all the crazy from the likes of The Willing Duke III. Especially considering how I'm getting ever closer to that 79-minute mark with the album as a whole.
Consoles / Re: Wal-Rush! PICO-8
« Last post by Juju on Yesterday at 06:31:44 am »
That's pretty cool :D
Just like the GB, the graphics driver probably isn't the same as on the 84+CE, and it would have to support any instruction the SMS/GG have the calc don't support natively, but other than that, that's not a crazy idea.

On that, a lot of old computers (mostly CP/M based) also uses a Z80, I'd like to see CP/M ported on the 84+ as an OS.
I mean, think about it! Both the SMS and 84+ CE have similar CPUs, and if the 84 is powerful enough to emulate the GB, it really shouldn't be much of a problem. I honestly would LOVE to just be able to play STH and Alex Kidd on my calc, even if it's the inferior verisons.
Consoles / Re: Wal-Rush! PICO-8
« Last post by JWinslow23 on February 16, 2019, 06:16:03 am »

I now have a playable (though not yet complete) version of Wal-Rush! for the PICO-8!
Consoles / Re: Wal-Rush! PICO-8
« Last post by rowan_futurerave on February 15, 2019, 09:21:51 am »
Not sure if the PICO-8 technically counts as a "console".............

........I'm developing a game for the PICO-8, a video game console that does not actually exist.

Quoted for truth, and, bookmarked.
Consoles / Wal-Rush! PICO-8
« Last post by JWinslow23 on February 15, 2019, 08:48:42 am »
Not sure if the PICO-8 technically counts as a "console", but I've decided to post this in the "consoles" section...

I'm developing a game for the PICO-8, a video game console that does not actually exist. And because Wal-Rush! for the NES does not exist :P , I thought I would create what I wished a full console version of Wal-Rush! could be...

You can view my progress so far in this thread:
General Help & Troubleshooting / Re: What causes "RAM leaks"?
« Last post by rowan_futurerave on February 14, 2019, 09:44:16 pm »
I'm not sure about assembler, but in C and C++ memory leaks are caused by using the calloc/malloc routines (in C) or the new operator (in C++) without using corresponding calls to free (in C) or delete (in C++).
Calculator News, Coding, Help & Talk / Re: 84p apps on the 84pce?
« Last post by TheChosen’s World on February 10, 2019, 08:56:53 pm »
Simply put, if you want to run a 84+ program, get yourself a 84+, or use an emulator on your computer: TilEm-NG is usually considered one of the most accurate ones :)

The monochrome 84+ and the color 84+CE are very different platforms: different processor, different memory layout, etc. Assembly programs and FlashApps written for one of these platforms will simply not work for the other platform. Nobody wrote a monochrome 84+ emulator for the 83PCE / 84+CE(-T). It's not that nobody knows how to emulate a 84+, but the thing is, making an emulator is a lot of work, and making it work on such a relatively underpowered platform as the 84+CE is even more work. The 84+CE is not much more powerful than the 84+.

it really do be like that sometimes
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