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Re: Sorcery of Uvutu 84+ Series Port
« Reply #30 on: March 01, 2017, 11:21:36 pm »
@123outerme ah ok, although such high encounter rate might be a bit annoying IMHO. Even in the CSE version I sometimes felt the encounter rate was a bit too high (I once had 3 battles in only 15 steps). I would definitively add a bit of extra mazes but it's up to you. Besides, 8 screens per world is pretty much what many Illusiat 7-13 dungeons had.
That 3 battles in 15 steps seems odd, because the system won't allow any battles after just having one for 11 steps O.O It's possible this was before I implemented such a thing or before the feature was bug free, however, but still! If the amount of battles per screen stays the same (hence me having to increase battle odds and decrease the amount of"safe" steps), game balance as far as levelling and progressing through world maps should stay the same. IIRC, I only increased battle odds a little bit, however I'm expecting these changes to be enough.

White main tiles w/ black details

Black main tiles w/ white details
Here are new screenshots showing World 2, Dragon's Den. It has yet to have any other maps other than the town map (hence why I didn't show them), but teleporting to World 2 functions correctly. I'm experiencing a weird issue, though. The lava tile (unwalkable tile)'s ID is 13 (as in the 14th sprite, left to right, carriage returning at 12 sprites. Alternatively, the 2nd sprite row down, 2nd column), and using my ID -> x/y offset algorithm (necessary to do for tile drawing functions like real(1...) ), I get garbage data displayed when drawn with real(1...), but not when drawn as a tilemap. Does anyone know why, or how to fix this? Just as a disclaimer, I haven't tried it with hard-coded values to display the 13th sprite, although realistically there shouldn't be any difference between my algorithm and the hard-coded values, and their outputs.
Here's my algorithms:
Code: [Select]
12fPart(T/12)+.0001(fPart(T/12)=1/3)   // x offset, in number of tiles, from the top-left sprite (origin)
//The "+.0001..." part is to fix rounding issues with my algorithm, so if the tile is in the 4th column, it'll actually display using this
//If you're wondering, this isn't the problem with my 13th tile issue. This doesn't trigger as fPart(13/12) = 1/12, and not 4/12.
8int(T/12)   // y offset, in number of pixels, from the top-left sprite (origin)
//T is the inputted tile ID. For the issue that I'm having, T is 13.
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