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Re: Color Speedrun
« on: February 24, 2017, 04:55:55 pm »
On the contrary, I like the purity of the game as it is.

This looks really inspired!! Unique
Thanks so much for the support!

that game looks terribly hard O.O I love it  :thumbsup: Really nice game idea!! :)

But could you maybe add a little bit of physics to it? So the white areas dont directly add speed, but rather acceleration? so you get faster and faster on white ground, and slow down until you reach regular speed again once you touch grey ground?
That sould make it easier for the player to react in time  :thumbsup:
(given you can't stop the ball from moving at all, only steer it)
Actually, I think adding physics such as acceleration would make it much harder, because the deceleration process will make it much more difficult to control the ball when you try to stop. :P
Yeah that is why I decided not to do that. I have played a somewhat similar game with acceleration, and the acceleration just makes it too difficult. The game is already really hard as it is, and I have only really made 3 non tutorial levels. The reason for that is whenever I step in to make a level or something, I just end up playing the game instead. Anyways, I am not very good at level design in any case.
Anyways, for the reason that level making is going really slowly as I want to flawless my game(I only just managed to BEAT the last level, much less flawless it), here is a dropbox link to download the early game. No readme yet or anything; I will eventually add that, just not yet:

And yes, the final level is a walrus(although badly modified, the basic shape is still decent).
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