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Slender Opened and Fan Film

Started by ACagliano, January 29, 2016, 03:02:27 PM

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Though my Slender game remains almost finished, between work, a few other projects, and RL things, I'm worried that it will be quite some time before the game is completed. For this reason, I am providing below the credentials needed to access the GIT account on my server where slender's source is hosted. Anyone who wants to contribute need simply modify the code, add their name in a comment, and push the changes. *At some point today I will be checking out the repo to make sure that it has the latest code*. I'm opening the project simply so that those of you who supported and are looking forward to this project can see it done faster, and perhaps even have a hand in its completion.

Server Name:
User: git
Password: tiCalcDevs
Path to game source: /home/git/repos/slender1.git
Supported commands: Anything related to git, and scp.

Secondly, and on an only marginally related topic, one of the projects I've undertaken, in conjunction with some friends is to make a Slender fan film. The topic is something to my knowledge never done... the origin of Slenderman. I have the necessary software a storyboard already, have parts of the script done, and a sizable crew together. If there's anyone who lives in the NYC area (or elsewhere) who wants to join in, PM me. Also, I set up a gofundme campaign for this project at Anyone who wants to support the project, feel free, or if not, distribute the link please. Also, if anyone does donate, I'd ask they either PM me or email me at [email protected], because when the project reaches completion I intend on sending everyone who contributes a disbursements record, and refunding any excess.

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DJ Omnimaga

Good move to make it open-source. Hopefully at one point when/if the community has more members then perhaps some person might be willing to help. What has been done so far, by the way?

Also I am interested in the fan film. Hopefully you can find people as well to help or be actors.
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