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HHmmm.... I would make a video but I don't think i'd finish it :P
What bpp are you running the program in out of interest?
Life gets in the way of coding for sure! But life tends to be pretty important so no problem!

Awesome work as always :).
Okay well that makes more sense lol, amazing fast work man!

This is taking wait states into account?

(*shakes fist at wait states!*)

Any further updates?
Cool indeed!

Do I remember correctly that you said you had 'texture read + write + pointer updates (buffer+texture)' down to 7cc per pixel?!

If so no wonder it's so fast!
Well the engine is already amazingly fast, I feel that making 3D models and levels SPECIFICALLY with the calc in mind could yield good results.

A SM64 level test would be great - but there could be an issue with N64 levels/models due to the size of polygon size and the lack of perspective correct texture mapping is all. You can see how affine texture mapping causes distortion when close to the camera and at angles and such. The PS1 got around this by not using large textured polygons - instead breaking them up into smaller ones to combat this. That being said, a game of that level of visual complexity is not really a realistic target if you want a playable framerate. BUT through some clever level optimization and thinking ... maybe it could be possible to an extent?!!!

If anyone can do it, it's TM02 :).
The animations look great! I love the flame arc :).

Seeing it working on both platforms is pretty special :).
Looks awesome man! The detail is crazy good.
Yeah man, that is awesome!
Cool, where did you source the LCD from if you dont mind me asking?

What controller does it utilise?
Looking awesome, I've been messing with a bit of rpi+teensy stuff of late as well.

Will you consider a colour LCD in the future?
What kind of financial commitment does this site have? Happy to help out where I can.
[Inactive] Zarmina (PC) / Re: Zarmina
July 10, 2017, 12:32:05 PM
Getting internal server error on English page?
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