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Topics - Frost Sheridan

Other / Swords!
September 23, 2015, 04:27:15 PM
Because this topic orginally came up on Omnimaga, it's going to be weird because I basically never post here so anyone here that isn't on Omnimaga won't know me, but DJ Omnimaga suggested that I post this here too. When I originally tried to talk about this on Omnimaga it didn't go well, mostly because I was quite a noob when it comes to swords at that time.

Somewhat recently I developed a weird new interest in swords (which is kinda why I don't do much with calcs or programming any more). Even more recently I started learning and practicing Figueiredo's montante rules (for fun, I guess. idk) and many water bottles and pumpkins have been killed in my back yard. :P My sword that I use for montante stuff and cutting things is a Hanwei claymore with a 40-inch blade that weighs 5.2 pounds. I named it Kieran :P

So, does anyone else have swords/practice sword techniques/cut stuff?
Hardware / Arduino Computer - FrostAPC328
January 09, 2015, 08:25:22 PM
The FrostAPC-328 is a clock that will also be able to run apps. The device has a 16 character, 2 line LCD display and is powered by my Arduino Uno. It has 3 buttons: Scroll (B1), Accept (B2), and Exit (B3).

A video:

Some pictures:
Here's the device itself.

Here's the main menu.

Here's the clock. (It's not set yet!)

Here's the stopwatch. It's really simple. Scroll starts/stops, and Accept resets.

App support isn't implemented yet, so I can't show any pictures of that!

Here's the settings menu. All of the options actually work here!

Here's how to set the time. Scroll changes the number, and Accept continues to next field.

Here's how to set the date. The controls are the same as setting the time.

The System Info screen only shows version number. When app support is implemented, it will show free memory.
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