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Topics - DJ Omnimaga

Here is an EP featuring multiple versions of my 2017 song Clouded Future, which was used during Superstar Hero game introduction. The UK hardcore remix was released in 2020, while the house, eurodance and extended electronic power metal remixes were released in September 2021.

It will be released on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer and some other music stores in the next few weeks.
Games / [TI-83+/84+] Darkblasters
September 15, 2021, 11:54:13 PM
20 years minus 7 days ago, I released my first ever TI-83 Plus RPG, Illusiat. Today, after over 16 years without releasing an original RPG for calculators, I am finally releasing a new one: Darkblasters!

Inspired by Lufia, Quest 64, Dragon Quest, Illusiat and Mana Force series, Darkblasters is a role-playing game meant to showcase pure TI-BASIC graphical capabilities while trying to keep speed as fast as possible. It features over 390 rooms to explore, NPC's, some items and magic spells, many monsters and sprite-based graphics. No ASM/Axe/Grammer lib were used, in order to ensure full compatibility with 15 MHz z80 calculator models that lacks official ASM support.

QuoteA long time ago, mankind became nearly extinct after the entire world population did the Tide Pod
eating challenge simultaneously. From the dead rose a new illness that transformed animals into
monsters and many humnan survivors into Darkblasters, evil mages that look like knights.

Today, the Darkblasters stole the three crystals protecting the Kingdom of Walritia. You must defeat
the mages before they take over the world.

Here are the download links:
So I wanted to have something Illusiat-related, since Illusiat 20th anniversary is on the horizon, but the Illusiat 1+2 remake or Illusiat 13 revival finally never happened. That said, I still got something somewhat similar, RPG-related: Darkblasters!

Back in late 2012, when the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition color screen z80 calculator got announced, I wanted to experiment with layered text sprites. Games like Serenity and Metroid Pi used this technique, although the latter did not use the shifted method. In the process, I wanted to attempt making an RPG like Illusiat 6/Nemesiat, but with larger maps while being (hopefully) smaller.

I eventually got the color calculator model before pushing this RPG engine further, so only the walking engine was done and in 2014 it was posted in Omnimaga downloads section. I have recently uploaded it to TI-Planet, Cemetech and as well. (As it turn out, layered text sprites would not work on the CSE, making a direct port of this engine impossible. )

Almost 9 years later, it's being revived as Darkblasters! It features four dungeons, a town and a forest, all with over 390 rooms to explore, some magic spells and items, but no shop and in-game currency. There will be no experience points, so your max HP/MP will go up every battle, along with your skill points. Magic will get stronger the more you use it. You'll also not be able to enter buildings in the town, but you will be able to talk to NPC's.

My goals:
-Keep the game and its RAM usage as small as possible
-Hopefully keep it in one file, unlike my entire RPG calculatography.
-Make sure that the speed remains fast enough for 15 MHz calcs. 83+ will be playable, but not the most optimal experience.
-Keep compatibility with the TI-82 Advanced and TI-84 Plus-T models. (This is why the game remains in pure TI-BASIC)

So far, what is implemented are the 390 rooms, connection between each area, magic animations (although they're currently separate from the game), the intro text (same) and everything shown in the screenies above. The file size is 5753 bytes right now.

EDIT: Changed one of the screenshots to a newer one and added a 5th one. Old screenies will remain as links above.
For those who haven't followed NumWorks development in recent times, due to NumWorks locking down their calculator with the newest firmware update, preventing the use of third-party firmwares like Omega and Delta, the team behind its development has stopped working on the project. However, their Discord server is remaining open for the community. More info on their Discord server and TI-Planet:

Like the other featured projects sub-fora here, this one will remain publicly available until the next planet-killer asteroid hits Earth.
Welcome to the 2021 calculator buying guide by CodeWalrus! In this guide, we will do things differently, but we will mostly focus on color screen calculators and go by brand instead. Each brand has a different philosophy and approach when selling and promoting their portable gaming consoles to students across the globe. So you need to choose wisely.

At TI, the motto is "Be rich, or be Casich". So they cater to the richest students across the globe. In the next decade, an OS update will remove GetKey from TI-BASIC to ensure that students are busy listening to the teacher and not starring in disbelief at Illusiat 1 and 2 enemy's "d***". So if you're millionaire, go with TI.

Casio excels in creating calculators for adults that can mask any smell around, especially their Krazy Glue-flavored fx-CG10 and fx-CG20 gaming consoles. On the fx-CG10/20 in particular, the smell will last for decades. However, keep in mind that there could be long-term health issues caused by the constant sniffing of those portable gaming devices.

Wanna experience the greatest glitchfest of any of the gaming consoles that includes a calculator software? Go HP! With the HP Prime, you will be able to play a game that involves pressing ON+SYMB as many times as possible as well. It's also your first introduction to gambling, as you have a few chances to get a 2nd generation HP Prime while purchasing that calculator instead of the G1 model! But they hate Canada it seems, because like TI, over here, HP calcs are just for millionaires.

Your secondary introduction to gambling, courtesy of Amazon, but unavailable in France. Will your lucky number be 100 or 110? Once upon a time, this gaming console was seen as the calculator community savior, with Python execution speeds that rivals Playstation 5 assembly language's. Despite this, this calculator has yet to feature the game DOOM, which is surprising since it can run on a cat. Is this in response to their recent plagerism of TI-84 Plus CE OS 5.5.1 and 5.6.0 exam protection? Nonetheless, if you wanna practice treason or aren't rich enough to buy a Playstation 5, then go NumWorks!

I hope this helped you for your next graphing calculator purchase.
Some comments about this one: If there is ever a remake or update to this game, then you will get an item at some point in the game that lets you teleport to any village or close, because about 50% of the game is going back and forth from one region to another right now.

Also, the Illusiat 1-12 maps will be in one single topic.
The Illusiat 12 game is slightly smaller than Illusiat 13, but has more grinding. Nonetheless, there are many maps.
I am pleased to announce that my new electronic power metal compilation, "Ancient Kingdom of the Knight of the Moon", is now released. This compilation features all electronic power metal that I've released since October 2014 until the release of "Illegal Music Chemistry II", as well as some video game music produced from 2012 to 2019. This compilation is meant for people who are mostly into rock/metal music and less into dance/electronica.

In addition to that, my newest album, "Illegal Music Chemistry 2", is now out as well! It features eurodance and uk hardcore remixes, as well as new electronic power metal that returns to my power metal roots.

I hope you enjoy!
Thanks to @Iambian 's new TI-OS custom font routine, a special version of First Fantasy taking advantage of his font hook to display actual sprites is now being worked on:

Quote from: AdriwebNdless 5.2 (et 4.5.3) va bientôt sortir, et Vogtinator m'a donné le feu vert pour publier quelques vidéos clips lors de mes tests, regardez cette rapidité/fluidité sur la TI-Nspire CX II ;)

Basically Ndless 5.2/4.5.3 in action on both the TI-Nspire CX and TI-Nspire CX II
A few days ago, a jailbreak tool for the TI-83 Premium CE and TI-84 Plus CE calculator series came out, bringing back ASM support for users who are running OS 5.5.2 or higher on their calculator. However, in order to run ASM/C programs from the home screen or from a TI-BASIC program, you also need ASMHOOK, by Jacobly.

So here is how to run First Fantasy, 1000 Bornes, Wal-Rush, GalagACE and other hybrid TI-BASIC programs on newer OSes:

1) Follow the instructions on ArTIfiCE website ( ) to jailbreak your calculator to enable ASM once again.

2) Download ASMHOOK from , send it to your calculator then run it from Cesium or ArTIfiCE. This will enable the ability to run ASM from a BASIC program or the home screen once again.

Normally you should be able to run hybrid TI-BASIC programs once again!
Tari from Cemetech has begun working on this TI-83+/84+ game emulator

Currently, Phoenix is supported, but it's still in early stages so I bet many more games will work in the future.

Basically, this is a project by Tari from Cemetech, which allows you to play TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus games in your browser without requiring a ROM image or a copy of the TI-OS. This is very interesting, as this could allow the release of calculator games outside the TI community (, Steam?) without requiring the player to first dump a ROM from their calculator or illegally download one online.

Source: Cemetech [url=""][/url]
My mom gave me her old computer and I installed Linux Mint on it and eventually I want to put RetroArch on it. This computer lacks wi-fi capabilities. However, I don't know if it's because I'm missing drivers or something but the computer refuses to connect to my wired connection. It says "Connecting..." at the bottom of the screen then a minute later a notification saying that the connection failed.

The connection works fine when I am using my Windows 10 computer so it's not the cable. Also, before retiring this computer, my mom was still using it to access the internet, so it's not the ethernet port either.

I could not find any help online regarding such problem, as all help was about wi-fi connections.

Any help would be appreciated.
I am saddened to announce that former TI-Nspire programmer, pbfy0, has recently passed away at the age of 19 years old on December 25th 2019. :(

During his time at Omnimaga, he was notable for TI-Nspire Ndless ASM/C projects such as 2048, nspire-z80 and nVid. nspire-z80 was a TI-84+ emulator for the TI-Nspire and nVid a video player. The TI-84 Plus emulator was still in developpement, according to critor on TI-Planet, and was gonna add TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition support. Not only that, but he also contributed to Ndless development itself over the years.

Our condolences goes out to his family.

His programs and source code can be downloaded below:


I am updating this game to take advantage of the CE Textlib rectangle exploit, so now the TI-84+CE gray info bar is gone and some colors were changed. I also managed to remove the gaps inside dungeon walls so now they look like their C Silver Edition counterpart. The game menu now has a border as well.

Here is the new version:
I saw this coming years ago as critor would say, but it is now a reality: Texas Instruments has decided to block ASM on the TI-83 Premium CE and TI-84 Plus CE.

Looks like from now on ASM will have to be added via hacking or whatever, like on the Nspire. Hopefully it's not as difficult as with Ndless and hopefully there is a way to get the old games to run on the new OS. But this is bad news for TI development, especially considering most games are coming out on the CE.

It has been a while since I posted anything calculator-related on my Youtube channel, so I decided to make a tribute video about TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE games and it's now available on Youtube. It misses some games I wanted to include because the animated screenshots were in a weird APNG or whatever format that is not compatible with most free video editor, but it includes over 9 minutes of gameplay:

The games can be downloaded on , , and Cookie Clicker can be downloaded on CodeWalrus in the downloads section.

Attachment uploading has been fixed. However, after uploading an attachment it is possible that you might no longer be able to type in the post form, so you might have to hit Reply then Edit/quick edit to continue writing your post


Test Attachment 2 link

[attach id=823]Not djlogo.png[/attach]

[attach id=1818]Test Attachment 2 link[/attach]

Also, it is now possible to embed your attachment inside the post rather than just at the end. You can even embed an attachment from a different topic in another topic!
In my TI-83 Plus manual (which I still have, despite no longer having the calculator), there is a screenshot showing TI-83 Plus OS 1.00, but the oldest OS I ever saw on a real calculator was 1.03.

I wonder if anyone ever managed to find it, if it exists at all?
Web / personal website
April 19, 2020, 06:14:34 PM
I wanted to get a personal website to showcase my various releases and works for a while, but I wasn't too sure what I would use as CMS. I finally went with Wordpress, which seems to get the job done for what I need.

The website will list all my music releases (with links to the various stores including Bandcamp), my PC releases (except Avions, for epilepsy reasons) and of course my TI and HP calculator games. Music will continue to be hosted on Bandcamp and elsewhere, except bootlegs.

Right now some parts of the website are incomplete, such as the calculator games section, which currently redirects to my author profile. In order to make it easy to continue tracking download counts, when clicking on a particular calculator game, the website will redirect to its respective file info page.

Anyway here is the link:
Web / Best free CMS for portfolio-style website
April 13, 2020, 11:56:08 PM
I have wanted to build a personal website for a while, but I was unsure about which CMS would fit better for a portfolio-type website. When I check Google, I find a lot of results such as "Top 10 CMS for personal websites", only to find out that as the top #1, they're advertising their very own paid CMS.

I will not consider any CMS that costs money or that is mostly hidden behind a paywall.

I also prefer a self-hosted solution (I have web space already) where editing the template/CSS doesn't take three months.

Basically, my website would have a page with my discography, another with my calculator releases, another with some old drawings and maybe pixel art and of course my biography regarding my creations. A section on every page would list all my social media profile links and another section would list the music stores and streaming services where my songs are available. A third side section would have other links such as CodeWalrus.
Since the last few months, there have been either an influx of bots crawling the forums, a small number of bots changing their IP address every three second while crawling CW or both. This resulted into ridiculously high numbers showing up in the online users section. To reflect our real population, a new category of user has been created¨: Other bots, which now includes the aforementioned bots. We normally average around 30 real users online within a 30 minute span.

QuoteOnline: 260 Guests, 1 User (239 Spiders)  - Most Online Today: 709 -  Most Online Ever: 2,055 (January 20, 2020, 02:54:04 pm)
Users active in past 30 minutes: DJ Omnimaga, Yandex (2), Other bots (230), Google (6), Baidu

Thankfully, this influx of bots doesn't appear to have caused any forum uptime disruption (except of course during the 1 PM database backups).
Merry Christmas everyone! I have good news: My new music album Hardcore Bloodbath is now released! Check it out at .

It contains songs made with MTV Music Generator and Caustic 3, spanning various genres, such as power metal, happy hardcore, eurodance and video game style music. There is also a new song that came out today called Metalimaga, which is a power metal cover of my 2008 song Trancimaga.

I hope that you enjoy! :walrii:
Happy Birthday to CodeWalrus!

Given where I got punched at first, you are lucky to still see me around today, because I could have died instantly. Basically last Friday I got attacked and robbed despite all doors being locked (they came in through a window) and they even disconnected my internet and stolen my phone to ensure I lose contact with the rest of the world.

This must be one of the first home invasion in Quebec City this year. They better not get caught because some friends might do illegal, non-violent stuff as retaliation (doxxing, DDoS attack?).
Did you know that the current webpage design dates all the way back to August 12th 1999?

While some new sections were added and others removed over the last two decades, the layout has essentially remained the same. Here is a cached front page from 2000:
We were recently made aware that when attempting to create a new forum account on CodeWalrus, it led to an error page saying that the website is closed for now. After much investigation by @Juju and thanks to his efforts, the issue (along with various others) has now been resolved and you can now create a forum account.
I am happy to announce that Superstar Hero will be released on Steam on June 13th. Here is the store page:

In addition to that, thanks to the EasyRPG Player, the Steam version of the game will be Mac and Linux compatible. It will be possible to play the game as standalone (without Steam), but it won't automatically update and setting that version up to run on Mac/Linux might be an hassle.
Because the IRC bot that acts as a Discord<>IRC bridge has been banned from the entire EFNet network, the site shoutbox no longer works properly. Until the bot can connect again on EFNet, we have installed TitanEmbeds. It's unknown if it will work for everyone, but for now it's better than no shoutbox at all I guess.
I am happy to announce that Superstar Hero - The Original Soundtrack by DJ Omnimaga has been released on Bandcamp. If you already own the four following albums, then you do not need to get the soundtrack, as all game songs are also available on them:

-Destiny Knight
-Illegal Music Chemistry
-Hardcore Spectrum Disorder
-Maze of Life
After much wait, it is now possible to play Superstar Hero on a gamepad. Now if you press SHIFT on a keyboard or the Y button on an Xbox 360 controller, a cursor will cycle through your 6 item slots and pressing the attack button will use the item (or do nothing if the key item is selected), kinda like in Super Metroid when selecting missiles, etc.

The original control scheme that uses the number keys will remain intact, so both can be used. Also, RPG Maker 2003 now supports the D-pad rather than just the joysticks.
Je suis en train de traduire Superstar Hero, le jeu d'action-RPG dystopique, en Français.

-Intro: Traduit à 100%
-Magasins: 95% (manque traduction images)
-Tutoriel: 100%
-Hooleigan Village: 40% (NPC, image prologue à refaire)
-Coffres au trésor: 85% (manque coffre du donjon secret)
-Hooleigan Valley/Quebec Bridge: 0%
-Sainte-Foy: 4%
-Saint-Roch: 4%
-Saint-Bottom: 6%
-Harlaka: 33%
-Ruines: 50%
-Crystal Hill: 0%
-Tibestia: 50%
-Secret dungeon: 0%

La prochaine version du jeu vous permettera de switcher de langage en commençant une nouvelle partie et je vais probablement rajouter les options de langage en plein jeu aussi, probablement dans le menu quitter. Par contre, tout le texte non traduit s'affichera en anglais.

Version 0.12 has been released, which includes all dungeons. It's not final, though, as more content might be added or adjustments be done, but you can now play through the entire game.

Hopefully @Juju can update the arcade version to match the new version.
Site News & Announcements / CodeWalrus SMF upgrade
April 12, 2019, 08:41:00 PM
As you have noticed, our SMF install was upgraded to 2.1 RC2 and it will be upgraded to 2.1 as soon as it's out. This is because SMF 2.1 RC1 and RC2 came out several years earlier than we expected, eliminating the need to switch forum softwares entirely (for now, at least... we were even offered money to migrate to Tapatalk, but refused).

As a result, some features might be missing, as they were provided by third-party plugins. The default theme will be adapted so that the borders are green with no rounded edges, with the original CW logo or a banner at the top.

Since WalrusIRC is missing right now, here is the Discord URL: (which lets you use more than one CodeWalrus chat room).
Randomness / TI-86 calculator pr0n (NSFW)
April 10, 2019, 08:43:35 PM
Unfortunately, this actually exists. Internet, pls xd

NSFW: ShowHide

A few years ago, I was happy to get my music on iTunes and other major retailers out there, as well as Spotify, but the service I used to keep my music there was too expensive, so I had to remove my work from there.

However, I have found a free service that does the same thing (although it omits the less known services), so my three latest releases are soon gonna be available there soon (some albums are already out there). In the future, I may include the popular "A Decade of Magic Hardcore (2002-2012)" compilation and most likely "A Decade of Omnidance (2002-12" as well, so that almost all my original songs get back on big retailers and streaming services.

Apple Music:
Amazon Music:
I have some great news: My newest album "Maze of Life" is finally released! This 17 tracks album features various music genres, including electronic power metal, eurodance, trance, UK hardcore, video game soundtrack and even my first eurobeat song ever: Attack of the Nuclear Kittens.

Head over to to listen to it!

See topic title. Anyone tried this software before? I think this will be my main music DAW when I have limited computer access now, with Fake SID being second. I'm sticking with MTV Music Generator/Music 2000 for 90's style music, though.

I uploaded two tracks called Lost Decade on Soundcloud at

The finished version is a 8-bit song like Commodore 64 music
In order to reduce costs, CodeWalrus website will shut down its DigitalOcean webspace on January 1st 2019 and everything located there will move to our second hosting provider, which already hosts both CW and WTFCity's Minecraft servers.

The website will also ditch Simplemachines forum software in the near future in favor of PhpBB3 or Discourse, depending of which is the most up to today's web standards by the time it happens.
Due to the whole Lévis/Super C fiasco, I lost almost my entire calculator and video game collection last Spring and pretty much everything else, so all I had left were a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus CE and a Casio PRIZM I couldn't locate until today. As it turns out, I actually brought the HP Prime with me as well during the emergency move to Quebec City, so it seems like I will finally be able to enjoy everything I have missed from the community in the last two years or so.

I dunno if it will charge up because it was at 0% when I found it. Hopefully it still works fine without being connected to the computer!
Although a lot of graphics in my game have been updated in the last two months already, I am continuing the process of changing the overall look of the game to be more consistent with the general direction the game has gone and also to replace most remaining placeholder graphics. Here are screenshots of some of the recent changes:

Blocked by a LEGO brick in one of the many new rooms, and new graphics:

A scrolling background! (might be recolored, tho...)

Surely, this store won't be missed. What the heck, 9108?

This dreaded room, with new graphics!

One of the new area already got a tileset facelift haha:

People sleeping inside the spacious air conditioning conduits, even though monsters can be nearby:

Not only fidget spinners have been popular for 70 years in the year 9108, but this is what clothes look like in Quebec, then:


Old timers will get what I mean.
Web / Almost every website in 2018
October 21, 2018, 01:50:12 PM
This is what almost every website look like in 2018.

Thanks to the rest of the CW team for not going that route.
Site News & Announcements / Social network login issues
October 17, 2018, 11:17:31 PM
Social network login/linking/registration issues should have been fixed now. The API settings were outdated.

Quote from: xlibman on October 22, 2008, 08:13:21 AM
It has been common for Omnimaga to share projects with other communities, such as MLC. This time it is happening again with my first action-RPG ever made using RPG Maker 2003: Super Star Hero.

As some people might have noticed a week ago, I uploaded a song called "Superstar Hero" in the archives and that song was a drastic change in musical genre compared to other music on this website. It was in fact intended to be used inside a game and my plan was to make one using RPG Maker 2003 using either a custom battle system or real-time action. However, since I needed to make sure such project was feasible in RPG Maker 2003, this is why I haven't been as active on the forums and IRC in the past week. Finally I opted for an ARPG, due to it being slightly easier to do and requiring less pixel art skills, as a random battle system would have forced me to draw much bigger enemy sprites.

This project will be a co-Omnimaga-TIMGUL (The International Music Generator Users Lounge) production. The game is currently being developped by me. Most graphics are also by myself, but there are others by Necro (a lot which have been modified) and a smaller amount from the RPG Maker presets (all modified too). The entire soundtrack will be created using MTV Music Generator (which was released as Music 2000 outside North America) for the Playstation. Sound effects are being created with that software as well as another software to generate 8-bit sounds. Music will all be contributed by me and members from TIMGUL. As of now, my tracks as well as Beoulve's are used.

Here are some screenshots:

Here is a Youtube video showing the game intro:

As you might guess from the title and the logo the game is intended to be a little cheesy and cliché. The main character is in fact a super hero and he must save the world, going through hordes of enemies, altough, as you can see in the intro, he's in a little bit of a trouble since he has nothing to defend himself with. When the game starts the first thing you will want to do after the mountain part you're on collapses is to find a weapon upgrade so your attack power is no longer 0. In this game the leveling up system will be upgrade-based. You will be able to raise 3 stats: attack, defense and speed. Attack and defense goes from LV 0 to LV 10 and speed from LV 0 to LV 5. To raise them you must gain gold from enemies and buy upgrades at shops. The game will be a mix of Zelda, Megaman, Ys and such popular titles, far away in the future in a semi middle age and futuristic environment. Check out for more updates soon!

Oh and happy belated birthday Netham45!
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