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Re: The P7 project: free your CASIO calculator!
« on: April 06, 2017, 11:51:12 pm »
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga
Ah ok about English, I just noticed that on most forums I've been to, the proportion of people who have serious troubles writing English sentences is much higher than people from other countries.
That's what most of the people think, yeah (it's even in What The f*** France :p). I hope it's not true. But that's not the topic to discuss about that ;)

I told the gint project leader a while ago, he seemed interested and, by the look of it, he created an account and stuff so there will probably be a gint project topic here some day (he'll be passing important tests during the month/two months if I'm not mistaken, he'll probably do that after).

And in order to unfocus more, sorry for not giving as many news about this project as on Planète Casio. The 4.0 release is still far away, but on the right tracks. I've implemented Prizm screenstreaming and corrected serial management for Linux, it now works with Util-Pocket cable (same as usual self assembled cables, sort of?) and the SB-88A Critor lent me.

What I'll be working on next is the introduction in libp7 of the legacy protocols (CFX-9700G, CFX-9850G, AlgebraFX), the correction of the serial stream on Microsoft Windows (probably followed by the USB correction for Microsoft Windows), SCSI implementation (required for the Prizm color screenstreaming, more info here in french, sorry about that), MCS full interactions (which still requires a lot of work on libg1m, although a lot of it has already be done), libfontcharacter maturation, and other minor stuff, such as settings management. Not in that order, Microsoft Windows thingies will probably be one of the last things I'll do because the Windows API and the CESG502 driver are a real pain to work with. Sorry for being slow at doing things, but I'm really trying to make things clean so that no one has to make an equivalent to my projects later :)
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