Author Topic: The P7 project: free your CASIO calculator!  (Read 2609 times)

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Re: The P7 project: free your CASIO calculator!
« on: April 06, 2017, 08:46:02 am »
Actually, English is mandatory also in France, and even if most french people aren't almost native speakers, people that do the most on Planète Casio have a good level of English as it's the dominant language in computer science and stuff. The main barrier is that it can be tiring to be in several communities simultaneously. But as I'm trying to gather as much information as I can as I need them for my projects (libp7, libg1m, FONTCHARACTER reference, ...), and information is everywhere, I need to go everywhere to get them. :p
Ah ok about English, I just noticed that on most forums I've been to, the proportion of people who have serious troubles writing English sentences is much higher than people from other countries. I sadly can't help on this project since I only do BASIC/TI-BASIC and such languages, though.
I kind of agree with both of these. I mean, I had a shortcut to say "Lol French" in MH4U each time I see a French person speaking frenglish, that's for a reason... Not sure what causes French people to be worse at English than people from other countries but they are. And they are recognizable too. And they're bad at MH4U too -.-
...Which doesn't prevent people from PC to be quite good at it. I'm only talking about the masses which we can meet while playing videogames or browsing random forums but not on a forum about programming on calculators. The masses don't code and don't care about calculators. People from PC (or CW, etc) on the other hand care about coding, do it in English of course, read stuff in English to progress, etc, unlike a lot of people I see who are like "meh, I can't learn that, I only found English tutorials and nothing in French" -.-


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