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TI-84 Plus CE Pranks!

Started by TheLastMillennial, March 23, 2019, 08:45:31 PM

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April 1st is coming up and I wanted to compile some of the best calculator pranks for the TI-84 Plus CE that you can do to your teacher or friends. I've even put how much time each prank will take to execute and how difficult it is to reverse the prank!

  • Some pranks require the C libraries to be installed to work!
  • If you have TI-84 Plus CE OS 5.3.1 or newer, you will not be able to enter any prank that contains the Asm84CEPrgm token on your calculator. You will need to either use a computer or downgrade your OS to 5.3.0 or below. (Explanation topic) (Downgrade tool)
Time to set up:
Quick takes shortest required time to execute (Just send-n-run)
Medium takes some time to execute (After sending you will need a little bit of setup to execute)
Long takes a long time to execute (After sending you will need a lot of setup to execute)

Difficulty to reverse:
Green is easiest to reverse (no data will be lost)
Orange is harder to reverse (May delete some data, RAM reset possible)
Red is hardest to reverse (Calculator could be at risk of permanently being disabled or the OS needs to be reinstalled. Either way it takes a loooong time to reverse)
Click here for recovery techniques if you can't get the calculator working normally again.

Quick Install Happy Calc to Rick roll them!

Quick Send and run a program that will make their answers all slightly off, or make one that throws 'errors' whenever they try and do anything. (It's even better when you increase the wait states)

Quick Send and run this program that will turn off the LCD and disables the [on] button!
(Suggested by LogicalJoe)

Quick Install  an Undertale-inspired program to feel like you're gonna have a bad time, which you can't quit for 60 seconds.
(Suggested by BasicTH)

Quick Install a hook that replaces the Pi button with Tau (one Tau equals two Pi) and watch them struggle to perform simple radian calculations and try to get back to Pi!

Quick Enter and run this code (without spaces between the numbers) that will simply delete the last entry in the history.Asm84CEPrgm
3A 0B 1D D0 FE 00 C8 3E 01 CD 14 19 02 CD 28 08 02 C3 0C 08 02

Depending on how history-dedicated your friend is, this could drive them crazy, or they could just wonder what it did for the rest of their life.
(Suggested by LogicalJoe)

Medium You can install Cesium and utilize the backup features ( : tutorial) so it's harder for the pranks to go away!

Medium Increase the wait states ( : tutorial ) of their calculator so it runs at a horribly slow rate!

Long If they decided to RAM reset or clear all the memory, change the name of the calculator ( : tutorial) to something funny. The name cannot be changed by any on-calc resets! A few ideas could be the pranked person's name misspelled,  or "RAM Not Cleared". You guys can probably come up with better names than me! :P

Long This one is just mean, do not use this unless you have means to reinstall the OS. Enter and run this code (don't include the spaces between the numbers)Asm84CEPrgm
21 05 21 00 22 F8 05 D0 CD 0C 05 02 C3 48 14 02

Watch the effected calculator endlessly powercycle, a RAM reset will not fix this you will need to reinstall the OS!
(Suggested by dankcalculatorbro)

Since these pranks may require multiple programs in order to run and you may not have much time to start them, I suggest creating a Group if you're sending by calc-to-calc or a folder if you're sending by Computer-to-calc ( : tutorial ) that contains all your prank programs. That will allow you to transfer all the needed programs quickly. Make sure to include the C libraries!

What other pranks can you guys come up with? If you decide to try any of these, please share their reactions!
  • Calculators owned: HP Prime G2, TI-84 Plus CE, TI-34, Boring Sharp calculator

Thank you for your time, go make a paradox, have a good day.

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