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UCC4 [ucc4]

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b/Contests publicado por u/_iPhoenix_ February 14, 2018, 01:04:03 AM
This contest's topic is: :3= ! To be eligible for a prize, you must make a program that creates walruses of all hues!
To be eligible, you must make a topic showing your progress, with the "[UCC4]" tag in the title.

The contest will end whenever there are enough competitors. No late entries will be accepted.

Users should be able to enter two hex values in #RRGGBB format: one for the body, and one for the eyes. On-Calculator entries in ICE/C/Assembly will be allowed to use the xlib color palette, and TI-Basic entries... well... GLHF...

Only the gray parts of the :3= should be tinted with the color for the body, and only the coloring of the eyes should be tinted for the eye color.

All pixels should be tinted relatively:
For example, the dark grays on the :3= should become darker reds than the light grays if I enter #FF0000 as the body color. Notice how the golden walrus in my signature and in the below spoiler has dark golden tones where the normal walrus has dark grays.

[spoiler=gold walrus][/spoiler]

You cannot release source publicly until after the contest, to avoid plagiarism.

*keep your entry SFW, please*

Note: due to the laws of the universe, it is not possible/is extremely difficult to contribute an entry if you happen to die at the hands flippers of an axe-murderer walrus during this contest. Be careful.

You will be judged on these criteria, although your entry can be penalized at the discretion of the judges, to some extent:
- overall project detail and completeness, including functionality and design
- code readability
- interaction with other users, including the reception and distribution of feedback.
- overall ingenuity.
- number of walruses involved (we aren't kidding this time)

We are placing an emphasis on readability, so that future users can potentially learn something from your code.

Contest judges (i.e. me, but you can request to be one if you have over 100 posts, just ask in this thread. Only 2 more judges will be accepted.) are not allowed to participate, and cannot win prizes.

As for prizes, printable walrus "diplomas" will be issued to the top three winners, signed by the contest judges under their usernames. (If you are accepted as a judge, PM me a pic of your signature, signing as your username)
[spoiler=legal crud]Neither myself; the contest judges; the CodeWalrus site, admins and users; or contest participants are liable for any damage or legal c you come up with.
The opinions expressed by the judges in the choosing of a winner may not represent the entire views of the CodeWalrus community or admins.
All decisions are final, unless they aren't.[/spoiler]
Have fun! If you have any questions about this do not be afraid to ask in this thread!
Previous winners:

[spoiler][ucc1: weather]
1: Juju + kotu
2: -
3: -
[ucc2: 8-bit animation]
1: Jarren Long
2: Juju
3: -
[ucc3: ascii game thingie]
1: Juju
2: -
3: -
Last Edit: February 22, 2018, 09:12:18 PM by _iPhoenix_
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u/DarkestEx March 03, 2018, 11:15:32 PM
I'm in  :thumbsup:
u/_iPhoenix_ March 04, 2018, 03:33:38 AM
Quote from: DarkestEx on March 03, 2018, 11:15:32 PM
I'm in  :thumbsup:

Sweet! Don't forget to make a topic!
u/DarkestEx March 04, 2018, 01:52:28 PM
@_iPhoenix_ I have a palette of shades of gray now. Is the entered color going to replace the lightest of all these shades?
Also, what is meant by number of walrusses involved?
u/_iPhoenix_ March 04, 2018, 02:21:38 PM
Quote from: DarkestEx on March 04, 2018, 01:52:28 PM
@_iPhoenix_ I have a palette of shades of gray now. Is the entered color going to replace the lightest of all these shades?
Also, what is meant by number of walrusses involved?

The color will apply an even tint to each of the shades of gray, such that a light gray will turn into a brighter version of the color, a darker gray will turn into an even darker version of the color, but black will stay black and the tusks and eyes will stay the same color. (I accomplished this task by converting to HSV and back, though I think there are easier solutions)

The eye color (by default, blue) should be individually manipulated in the same fashion.

I'm just referring to the fact that there should be just over 33.5 million possible :3= 's (If my math is correct)
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