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Topics - Max Leiter

I've decided to try getting back into MC modding, and my current idea is an improved command block editor. Basically, it will be a completely clientside mod that will replace the current (terrible) commandblock GUI

with an improved, more "IDE" like one (multiple lines, auto-close parenthesis, etc).

I plan to make the mod using MinecraftForge and will use the GuiOpenEvent for launching my GUI. Alternatively, I may use reflection to simply modify the current textbox with a custom, more advanced one, but I think I want to add buttons and stuff too.

If anyone wants to throw together concept art, knows of a pre-existing mod similar to this, etc please comment or lmk.

It will be opensource as soon as there's a working prototype.

If anyone wants to make some concept art (can be very rough) about how this should look that would be much appreciated
I had a better topic but accidentally reloaded the page and lost it  :(

Recently, I've been working on C bindings/the C library (libc) for KnightOS. Once I've finished the C bindings for corelib I plan to create some bindings for fx3dlib and configlib (both by @matrefeytontias).

I'm really hoping this will interest more people in KOS, mostly because a lot more people are familiar with C than z80 asm.

The compiler used is KCC, a fork of SDCC. There's a C library, libc, which has some POSIX-compliant functions where there's overlap between KOS and POSIX systems. There's also bindings for corelib, a userspace library, so hopefully some KOS C programs will start to show up.

To show off libc, here's a demo that SirCmpwn made: pong

And here's a demo I made demonstrating corelib: corelibcdemo (I'm very original when it comes to naming things)

So I guess if anyones curious about C support/has questions/errors/whatever, you can post here, ask me on IRC, or ask in #knightos on freenode

Gaming / CSGO
December 19, 2015, 05:31:18 PM
Any other GO players here? If so, what rank? I've recently been floating between LE - SMFC, depending on if I'm soloing/recent update/etc

Need some new people to play with :)
Other / Unofficial CW Teamspeak
November 05, 2015, 04:57:58 AM
Have a server laying around, decided to throw Teamspeak on it. The IP is if anyone wants to hop on (but please use push to talk/voice detection, continuous transmission gets annoying)
KIMP = KnightOS image manipulation program
I'm new to assembly (and anything calculator related) and decided to try and make a sprite editor for KnightOS. Eventually, it will support KnightOS's image format (and will also require me implementing 'kimg' support into the kernel d: ).

The source code is currently available here: and any suggestions/comments/anything is appreciated.

Here's a quick screenshot

EDIT: Updated image with centered grid
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