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Other / General Public Dream Thread
December 30, 2016, 07:06:21 PM
General Public Dream Thread
This is the right place to share your dreams ;) If they are too private, consider opening a similar thread in safe haven or don't tell them at all :P

Well, I am going to start with a recent 'nightmare':

So, it all started at the entrance of our house. The doorbell was ringing, so I got downstairs and opened the door. A friendly young man holding a double-edged knife was smiling at me and telling me why he needed to get inside. I quickly realized the situation and slammed my body at the door to close it - only some centimeters were missing, but the man started to do the same and was stronger. He stabbed into my throat, waited a second and pulled his knife back out. Well, this fatal injury didn't kill me... Surprise motherf***er! So I covered my bleeding throat with one hand and tried calling a psychiatry on phone with the other hand. Stupid me forgot that calling an ambulance or at least the police would have been a slightly better choice, but dream-me was convinced that the psychiatry would inform those 'friends-and-helpers' anyway. Nonetheless I went out to search for that psycho leaving a trail of stabbed people all around the streets of my neighborhood- and found him. Of course he attacked me again, but this time I could grab his knife and injure him a little bit (just a tiny cut somewhere) but at least I had his weapon. Needless to say, it wasn't his only knife and soon he started to throw all kinds of different knives at me and soon started chasing me. I ran for my life!
*Scene changes*
I'm now on a ship. Through a spectator perspective I can see the knife man being collared and hold on a chain by a monster which looks a bit like this rich fat thing from Star Wars (EDIT: Jabba the Hutt). A neon-green ogre with a lamp is next to him. They release the knife man into a dark room and he is as happy as a dog which gets his food prepared... I realize the good guys on the ship will have to fight against this beast of a man in order to win - in total darkness. Instantly I experience a kind of flashforward or imagination how I will be stabbed by that psycho without being able to see even my hands.
*Scene changes again*
I'm now on deck of the ship. Now don't laugh at me, but it gets a little bit influenced by the game Minecraft. Obviously, the knife man is on deck of the ship together with me (it's bright daylight at that point btw) and says 'Whoever places under 6 blocks here is considered a child by me and thus will not be killed.' -  I still fear for my life and use some, but guaranteed less than 6 blocks to get to the ships mast to be safer. Don't judge my fear, not killing does not exclude the possibility of other terrifying things to happen. The killer however does consider me adult now and a fight starts again.
*Scene changes*
I'm somewhere else on the ship now, and it is night. Together with one of the good guys I watch at a small hole on the floor which leads to a room entirely underwater. Using some source of weak light I try to illuminate the underwater room, he is holding the room at gunpoint. Sometimes, you can see something moving under the surface of water. I reach for my phone hoping it might serve as a better source of light. Suddenly my companion gets pulled into the water. I panic and try to illuminate the scene now. It seems like he manages to knockout the knife man using a revolver under water but is about to drown. Police arrives now and they pull that knife psycho out of the water. My companion is still drowning, but somehow I manage to convince the people around to get him out as well. I now grab his revolver to make sure that psycho is really dead and unload all of the rounds into his body. But it seems like I missed a lot of the 5 bullets left. Did even one hit the desired target? Who knows, and I wake up.
I am currently try to learn some SDL to get into PC/Android GameDev...
See this as a trash bin to record my progress for myself.
Here is what I have done so far:

Hit space to destroy the egg and get points for it. The game ends when score reaches it's integer nature limits... And then behaves strange. Haven't tested this though ^^
(1.2 MB gif, be careful mobile users)
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / TurboRider
September 02, 2016, 03:49:46 PM
Despite having not written a single line of code yet, I still want to present you a project I'd like to work on.
I only post this in the forum in order to get motivated to keep development rolling. This should become my first
completed bigger calculator project, so I hope you all can help me by giving me motivation.

TurboRider will become a fastpaced motocycle racing game, inspired by Maniax, a game for the Gamebuino.
Here is an uncompleted mockup to give you an idea:

See you next time, hopefully this time with a working engine ;)
Drawing & Animation / p4nix random art...
June 12, 2016, 07:03:47 PM
Well, all of this is pure random...
On the home site we have a small text about with the heading 'Welcome to!' - why not make the project pictures link to the according project threads instead of to ? I think that would be quite nice.
Calc Projects, Programming & Tutorials / Vocab Trainer
November 11, 2015, 03:29:00 PM

Please note that I will release nothing at the moment, although I have my latin vocab trainer already running on my calculator.
So the idea is obviously to learn for vocab for tests and exams. The problem is, that it is hard to get up with a good way - and my current program is only succesful because you only have to learn latin in one direction.

That's why I want to hear your advice - I guess those who are still in school will be thankful. My current approach is like this:
2 string arrays for german (insert your native language) and for latin (insert the language you want) words.

Then, it'll pick a pseudo-random latin word (because we only have to translate it latin -> german), and then the german word which belongs to it's latin counterpart. Also, it will pick out some other (currently 5) random german words and you have to choose the right one.

To explain better:

string latin[0] = "latinwordnumber1";
string latin[1] = "latinwordnumber2";
string latin[2] = "latinwordnumber3";

string german[0] = "germanwordnumber1";
string german[1] = "germanwordnumber2";
string german[2] = "germanwordnumber3";

// Super-Random-Generator-Searching-For-Words-You-Dont-Like-By-Counting-Words-You-Have-Done-Right-And-Choosing-The-Ones-You-Dont- //Like
random(); // wow, we got a 1 here, so output:
OUTPUT(latin[1]); // That's "latinwordnumber2"

// then output the right german word and some other false, of course randomly (for example not the right word being the first always)

//then check for input, find out if he pressed the right word, if not, say him the right solution, and if right, add 1 point for that word

I hope you understand it by now, I am not the best explainer, especially since english is not my native language.

The problem: by now, it's not omnidirectional - that would be quite easy to fix.
Another thing is that you can guess the meaning of the word - especially if the other wrong german words are for example all verbs while you know that the latin word can't be a verb.
Also, I have to come over memory problems, since sometimes we poor guys have to learn a lot of vocab. I have ideas for casio calculators though.

The solution: give me advice. Do you guys need such a program? I will code it in C btw, since that's a portable language and because I have a fx9860 casio and not a TI. I will try to keep the code as portable as possible, but it's the first time I try to code portable (I have to learn that).

I will also post a link to github of my current hacky code once I am at home.


As I've mentioned in IRC, I have some troubles with the 'Like' and 'Flag as Abusive' buttons. It's quite easily to hit the wrong button, which isn't very nice. Here's a picture to illustrate my issue:

So, I'm running an Ubuntu with Chromium and I also have tested with Firefox - both have this problem. I'm not sure if this is just me or a bad button design. Maybe you can put a border around it, or add some more whitespace to like? I don't know if it is possible, but maybe also a kind of second verification with another button so that you really can't 'Flag as Abusive' accidently?

Anyway, I try to be more concentrated when hitting 'Like' now :P
Drawing & Animation / 128x64 Monochrome Pictures
August 10, 2015, 01:16:31 PM

This topic was lost due to THE INCIDENT ;)  (welcome to see you back in IRC and on the forums :3 ), so some discussion about having offscreens on the CSE was lost. However, here are the pictures which were stored in this thread and which were originally meant for the Casio fx-series (for more information: If there is anything important missing from this thread, please post!

If the pictures look strange: They might be inverted on some browsers, but it's probably because they are saved with 1bit color.

DJ Omnimaga


From another board
I got it! Here's the timing:
Press restart, keep holding
press 4/ac/F2
Release restart
Press 9, hold it for 1 sec and release
press x ,hold it for 1 sec and release
Here you go! [/spoiler]

This is meant to be a thread including all calculators which were ever disassembled (on So if you enjoy opening hardware, please feel free to contribute with pictures, tear down-instructions, strange things inside your calc, hardware-hacks-ideas and more.
I'll try to make a list of all disassembled calcs so nobody has to tear-down twice ;)

fx-9860GII USB Power Graphic 2

fx-9860GII USB Power Graphic 2
Tear Down
(1) Remove the battery cover.
(2) Remove your batteries. No, there is no hidden screw behind it, but otherwise you'll not be able to remove the board.
(3) Two screws above the RESTART/RESET-button are hidden under rubber plugs. Remove those plugs using an extra-thin-slotten screwdriver.
(4) Loosen the 3 screws under the battery cover and the 4 other screws on the backside of the calculator.
(5) Carefully lift the backside up. It's not a snap-in-shell, so that shouldn't be too hard. Don't face the keyboard/screen-side, otherwise keys might rain ;)
(6) Remove the 3 screws on the LCD and the 2 screws of the keyboard-board. (English is not my main language, sry).
(7) Lift that 'construction'. Voilà, you're ready.
Do the same steps backwards in order to assemble your calculator. I didn't face any problems with that method, and I think everyone can tear down the calc if he knows how to tighten/loose screws :P

That capicator is 470µF.
For OS-Image PM me, you'll get my email.
Here are the pictures:

TI-81/TI-82/TI-85 by CVSoft
Tear Down
(1) Remove the two Phillips screws from the bottom of the calculator, and remove the screw holding the backup battery in place.
(2) Push the battery compartment side of the housing in towards the center of the calculator while lifting it to release the two tabs on each side of the calculator.
(3) After the fourth tab is released, DO NOT open the calculator by hinging the housing open at the top; there are two longer tabs on top, and they will break off if you do this. Instead, once the fourth tab releases, push the battery compartment side up, and it will come free.
(4) Remove the LCD board screw on the right side and the two small screws on the bottom of the PCB to remove the RFI shield.
(5) To remove the PCB, remove the six screws on the PCB and the one remaining LCD board screw. Be sure to remember which type of screw goes where. Push on the bottom of the LCD board to get a hold on the top of its sides, and simultaneously pull this out with the main PCB by lifting that by the backup battery spring. The key mat and some keys may stick.

Casio PRIZM by gbl08ma
(1) Remove the battery cover;
(2) Remove the batteries*;
(3) Unscrew all the screws on the back, including those on the battery compartment. The screws are all the same;
(4) Profit!! Be careful not to lose the reset button. For even more profit,
(5) Unscrew the two screws holding the circuit boards in place;
(6) Gently lift them (be careful not to break any connections);
(7) Extra profit!!
Pokemon for fx9860
So, I started with Pokemon a while ago. I'm now willing to do some further work to get it finally done and to make CW a more useful place (for me :3 ).

Just like in any pokemon, you will start in a small town and get your first pokemon. It will be designed for an endless gameplay, that means trainers can attack you again and some other things will be changed as well. That means that I'll not be required to write a sequel... :D

Tiles will be 16x16.

Most files will be loaded from the flash memory. That means that they're exchangeable. However I'm unsure if I can make it completely modable, since I don't have an idea for the event system yet.

These are the datatypes:
*.CHR for the character images
*.MAP for the tilemap
*.TIL for the tiles of the tilemap
*.CLI list of all character per map with their different settings
*.POK all pokemons
*.BOX pokemons in your boxes
*.SAV your exchangeable save game.


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