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Messages - Max Leiter

Quick status update in case anyone is interested:

We upgraded our C compiler (KCC) to match the upstream (SDCC), including many bugfixes and optimizations:
We've also been working out numerous bugs since the SDK v2 rewrite:
Additionally, continuous integration is slowly being set up for the projects on

If you're interested in development and want to come help out or stay up-to-date, feel free to hop into #knightos on freenode.
SirCmpwn just posted a blog post regarding SDK v2 here
Figured I'd post what's happened in the past few months:

- SirCmpwn (with a few bugfixes by me) just released SDK v2. Notable features include being able to use local packages and an offline cache.
- Decimal floating point support has landed in the kernel! This was a major issue with KOS until a (seemingly) random developer opened a PR here. While certain math operations haven't been implemented just yet, they're being worked on, and once they are SirC's next side-project will most likely be a functioning calculator. I'll release C bindings for the floating point routines once I have some more free time. You can find the math routines here.
- z80e (z80 emulator in C) now compiles on non-linux platforms. Commit: here. Additionally, @Snektron fixed some errors   and improved windows support here.
Any plans to opensource the engine? Looks great :)
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on March 22, 2016, 06:12:10 AM
Nice that cross calculator brand porting isn't too hard. Monochrome graphics can usually be adapted to just be small rectangles or squares if they can't be converted easily anyway. Even a Pac-Man game would still be enjoyable with 3x3 blocks if that meant the entire board fit on screen without being flipped sideways.

Did you work more on the game, by the way? I am curious if you could post a screenshot.

too much relied on colors for it to be ported easily (I couldn't tell if it was working correctly with just black/white, I didnt put much time in it :( )
I'm not sure how helpful it might be, but z80e might be of help if youre looking to add features (like a debugger)
Quote from: DJ Omnimaga on March 02, 2016, 03:35:37 AM
Thanks for the update. I'M glad to see more progress on this Max Leiter. I hope that one day we will be able to easily port C games between multiple calculators and KnightOS (even if it means changing the graphics in the monochrome version).
I'm currently experimenting porting a Prizm game (Game of Life by @merthsoft) to KnightOS, it's pretty easy so far. The hardest part is making a game made for color calculators look nice on a monochrome screen, but besides that most of the functions have direct "translations." I don't plan to release the game, but will post a finished version here if I ever finish it.

EDIT: Added all the draw_rect() functions/variations, so now the KOS Display section is implemented! (ie
Went ahead and added wrappers for the (action)Pixel kernel functions (invert_pixel, set_pixel, and reset_pixel).
Consoles / Re: CHIP-8 emulator
February 23, 2016, 04:29:04 AM
I think the problem is he needs a ROM, @Dudeman313

Looks super cool Ivoah, it's nice to finally see a topic after seeing you mention it in IRC all the time :)

@Ivoah ninja'd
Update: The color C bindings have now been merged

Began some work on color C bindings tonight, hopefully I'll be able to create a copy of the gfxdemo in C sometime soonish, and I'm on break from school this week so should have plenty of time to.

Here's a higher quality mp4 version of the GIF:
If you're interested in this kind of weird JavaScript, I recommend watching this talk by DestroyAllSoftware:
A lot of people will disagree with me, but I personally recommend JavaScript (ES6, the newest standard). It runs on any machine, requires very little workspace setup (no complicated IDE required, compiler, etc), and there's loads of support of it online (in my experience more then any other language, just look at ##javascript on freenode)
The two finished C tutorials are now live :)

Hopefully people decide to make some C programs, because the KOS program ecosystem is severely lacking.
For anyone curious, the current source for @SirCmpwn 's program is available here:
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