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Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
October 04, 2015, 03:54:51 AM
Thanks for the tips, DJ Omnimaga!
That's true, the display is tricky. But there's also a way around a problem (even if it's an unusual and maybe crude solution. Here in Brazil we call it "gambiarra").
Yes, precisely! Voyager 200. It's such a nice calculator, and I like the keyboard.

Oh, don't say that, Streetwalrus! lol
I'm really hoping for the Prime price to drop. It's around 799 Reais here, which is A LOT.
The 50G used to cost around 500 here. When the Prime came out, it dropped to 250, 300 Reais.

Thank you, Cumred_Snektron! :)

Welcome, semiprocoder and mrhoola!

Whoa, Luxen, that's very nice. I'm very interested in your projects.
Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
September 24, 2015, 04:09:26 AM
Yeah, I'm not very creative when it comes to nicknames. I always use my actual name, otherwise I'll forget what it was. lol

Really? I didn't know about the emulator! I'll check it out :)
Yeah, the display is very slow, but there might be some trick for it. I need to do some research.

I don't have an HP Prime yet. I want to buy one, but I'll wait a little bit to see if the price drops. I also want to buy the TI Nspire (and a TI Voyager, and an HP 42, and a lot of other calcs  9_9)

Thanks for the welcome, guys!
Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
September 23, 2015, 07:15:59 PM
Yes, the HP 35 is an amazing calculator. They remade it as the HP 35s (which is the one I own). I prefer the vintage one, but they're usually much more expensive.

The monochrome TI84 is great. But I already have the TI82, so the color display on the CSE is a nice addition for me. I was planning on writing an emulator for ZX Spectum or TRS-80 on the CSE, but I guess I was thinking too high. I don't even know if that's possible, but it would be nice to run those programs straight on the Z80.
Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
September 23, 2015, 08:04:08 AM

Thank you, DJ! It's very kind of you!
Well, my collection right now has: Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga 600, Microdigital TK3000//e (a brazilian clone of the Apple IIe), Prologica CP-500M80c (a brazilian clone of the TRS-80, but with some improvements), two PC-XTs, an MSX DD+, and a lot of 386/486 parts and computers (including two 386 laptops from the late 80s).
I had a few more things, but had to sell them :(
You can see some of my photos on my flickr. It's out of date, but you can get the gist of what I do:
Sure, I'll love to share my programs! Eleven years ago (I was 13 yo) I developed a library system using Clipper and dBase. I'm not bragging, but I have to admit it was pretty tight, complete and stable. :) I guess that was my biggest accomplishment, other than that I only wrote some small and silly programs.
Right now I'm working on a derivative and integral program for my HP35s. I want to make it more user-friendly (as far as the calculator allows me), and correct a few bugs. But when I finish I'll share the code with you guys.
Other / Re: New member introductions: Say hello here!
September 23, 2015, 06:24:00 AM
Hi, guys!
This forum talks about EVERYTHING I love. I'm a programmer, have a collection of 8bit computers, am a photographer and artist, and now I'm studying electronics engineering.
I have a huge passion for graphing calculators, and I use them both in math and in art. My favourite ones are the classic HP, but I've been fidgeting with a TI-84+CSE and finding some nice stuff. (I just bought it because it uses a Z80 processor, my favourite processor ever).
Now I'm trying to use an app called Zoom Math on it. It seems pretty cool, but I can't afford the license.
Well, I think that's it. Hope to chat a lot with you guys, and exchange experiences and information.
BTW, sorry for my clumsy english, I'm brazilian.
Best wishes for all!
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