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Blast Calculator Security Suite (CE Only)

Started by ACagliano, April 20, 2018, 11:29:49 AM

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**Early Access Beta Release** A suite of calculator security tools that actually functions, unlike many of the fake tools that just search for names like VIRUS, or don't scan at all. This program already has the ability to: - Save and update a database of all Programs or Protected Programs on your calculator, consisting of their names, sizes, and a 24-bit checksum. - Compare the current version of the program with the version in the database, and inform you if the size or checksum don't match. - Ability to scan your programs/protected programs for byte sequences that are potentially hazardous, via a virus definitions file that will be community-sourced. - Save your calculator's date and time settings in a secure location, thus preserving it across RAM clears. Every time you run this program, the date/time are either silently re-saved (if later) or restored (if earlier). Upcoming Features: - Ability to view/modify virus definitions on calc. - A firewall to integrate with any networking protocols devised for the CE. - Program running hook to allow the virus scan or checksum scan to be run on a specific program before it runs (disable-able)
  • Calculators owned: TI-84+ CE


Version 0.7b:

- Smart-Detect ProgRun hook added.
- Settings menu added.
- A number of significant GUI enhancements
  • Calculators owned: TI-84+ CE

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