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[TI-84+CE]GraphSet CE [TI-BASIC]

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b/Softwares publicado por u/Dudeman313 March 08, 2016, 01:50:44 AM
I taught myself some TI-BASIC programming concepts overnight, and programmed this:

What do you think? I could probably use some optimizations, so I'm posting it here.
It currently carries out the same functions as Nitro_Hawk's Graph Fix program, toggles Plots(on/off), toggles Diagnostics, and "Enters Workmode."

Work mode is just my custom preferred graph settings. I left this unlocked so users can customize their own WorkMode, but I don't know how
to comment in TI-BASIC, if it's possible. I also named the program GraphSet CE just in case I decide to make a monochrome version, because my program
uses functions (like GridLine) that monochromes lack.

Maybe someone could also test it on the CSE? I don't know if the CSE can have a Line grid.

The current program is attached. When it's been evaluated and considered complete, I'll upload it elsewhere.

Lbl 1
Menu("       GRAPHSET CE            ","Wo[r]kmo[|d][|e]",A1,"R[|e][s][|e][t] G[r][|a][p]h",A2,"Di[|a]g[n]o[s][t]i[|c][s]",A3,"Plo[t][s](O[n]/Off)",A4,"EXIT",A5
Lbl A5
Pause "C[r][|e][|a][t][|e][|d] By: Joh[n] Kol[|a][|d][|e]",0.8
Lbl A2
Output(1,1,"S[|e][t][t]i[n]g G[r][|a][p]h D[|e]f[|a]|ul[t][s]..."
Output(2,1,"D[|e]f[|a]|ul[t][s] [s][|e][t]."
BorderColor 1
DelVar {Y1}DelVar {Y2}DelVar {Y3}DelVar {Y4}DelVar {Y5}DelVar {Y6}DelVar {Y7}DelVar {Y8}DelVar {Y9}DelVar {Y0}
Goto 1
Lbl A1
Output(1,1,"E[n][t][|e][r]i[n]g Wo[r]kmo[|d][|e]...
Output(2,1,"Do[n][|e]! G[|e][t] [t]o i[t]!
GridLine MedGray
BorderColor 1
Goto 1
Lbl A3
Lbl B1
Output(1,1,"Di[|a]g[n]o[s][t]i[|c][s] ENABLED.
Goto A3
Lbl B2
Output(1,1,"Di[|a]g[n]o[s][t]i[|c][s] DISABLED."
Goto A3
Lbl A4
Lbl C1
Output(1,1,"Plo[t][s] ON."
Goto A4
Lbl C2
Output(1,1,"Plo[t][s] OFF."
Goto A4
Last Edit: April 27, 2016, 03:40:22 AM by DJ Omnimaga
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u/Dream of Omnimaga March 09, 2016, 01:12:55 AM
Something I want to point out is that most of the features in this program can already be achieved from the TI-OS, such as via the F1 to F5 keys and VARS/Y-VARS, but it's definitively a good way to get started with TI-BASIC, especially that you'll most likely use the Menu() command for your early games and probably need a few of the graphing commands at some point or another for various programs.

EDIT: Some stuff works on monochrome models but of course text is off the screen and you get ERR:VERSION when trying Work Mode and Graph reset options since monochrome models lacks the BackgroundOff/On command and some stuff.
Last Edit: March 09, 2016, 01:21:11 AM by DJ Omnimaga
u/Dudeman313 March 09, 2016, 01:20:39 AM
I know; I just wanted to expand on Nitro_Hawk from Cemetech's Reset Graph program. This does the same things as his program, but with a little extra.
I BASICally just put this all together in a program to actually get something done and release it. I also wanted a way to just hit a button and set all of my favorite settings at once.

Well, unless there's a command that deletes all your Y-vars at once, turns off plots and diagnostics, sets the bounds to default,  turns labels off, and all the other graph defaults without setting all the other defaults back to the original and doesn't clear my RAM, then I think this program is not completely useless.
u/Dream of Omnimaga March 09, 2016, 01:22:46 AM
Actually I edited my post because I realized you also mess with the BackgroundOff and stuff, which aren't supported on the monochrome models. And yeah I don't think there is a command that deletes all Y vars at once. We can turn On/Off stat plots and disable Y vars from single commands, though.
u/Dudeman313 March 09, 2016, 01:25:21 AM
BackgroundOff, BorderColor, Axe On (color) and such are the things I added to my reset section that were
not originally in Nitro_Hawk's creation. But if there was a single command that could be customized that was not a program,
that would be awesome.
u/Dream of Omnimaga March 09, 2016, 03:20:10 AM
Actually, AxesOn exist on the 83+, just not with extra color argument support.
u/Dudeman313 March 09, 2016, 05:18:07 AM
I know that-my old calc was an 84+.
I just put that I included the color argument to make a point.
u/Dream of Omnimaga March 10, 2016, 07:56:14 PM
Oh I see what you mean now.
u/Dudeman313 March 10, 2016, 10:24:53 PM
Well, since no one's offered any optimizations or feedback code-wise, I'm going to start uploading it in other places.
You can put it in the archives if you want.
u/Dream of Omnimaga March 11, 2016, 06:10:02 AM
I'll check with the other staff if we can include non-game programs in the archives. We might need to split it in two sections, since we only have games right now. (I would prefer that the Emulators page appears in both, tho)
u/Dudeman313 March 11, 2016, 02:15:49 PM
I think it should be fine, as the category says "Games & Programs," not just games, but splitting would be ideal.
And placing the Emulators page in both would be good, because you can use emulators for games & other programs.
u/Dream of Omnimaga March 19, 2016, 06:54:42 AM
Yeah it looks like the consensus is that we will split the category in the future. So I'll add this program when I have time (I'll also edit the title to make the tags in the same format as the rest of the files)
u/Dudeman313 March 19, 2016, 06:22:02 PM
Oh, alright. Thanks!
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