b/[Inactive] X3D (TI-89/92+/v200/Nspire/PC)

A 3D portal rendering game engine for Nspire, 68k, and PC by Catastropher.
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Unirse Started by u/catastropher • June 27, 2015, 02:37:43 AM

X3D - A 3D engine for TI68k & Nspire Calculators

Earlier this year I posted on Omnimaga about X3D, my 3D engine for the 68k calcs. After a month hiatus for health reasons, I resumed work on it in May Some of you may recall the dazzling light bridge from earlier this year: Currently, I am in the process of rewriting the engine to support more complex geometry. It's been a long and slow process (I'm currently interning full time as a software engineer), but I've started to make some progress. The la...
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Unirse Started by u/catastropher • December 30, 2016, 09:09:31 PM

XBuilder - A Level Editor for X3D

So one of the things that's made developing anything for X3D difficult is the lack of tools. So, I've been working on a new level editor called XBuilder! It will provide GUI tools for easily making levels. It'll also handle a number of tasks (such as building light maps) that are currently done by the engine itself. This will greatly reduce the complexity of X3D's source code. Originally, it was just going to be an X3D application, but now I'm integrating in ImGui so it'll have a real GUI. Here ...
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Unirse Started by u/catastropher • June 26, 2016, 05:25:50 PM

Development Plans

X3D has been in development for over a year now. At times, progress has been very fast, and other times, it's gone painfully slow. I've learned many hard lessons on how to become a good developer over the course of writing it. However, I have tended to rush things and, overall, have made a terrible mess of the project. While I am not totally starting over, I am creating a development plan on how to move forward because, right now, the code is too terrible to continue. It's time to do things righ...
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